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  1. I love a woman with curves
  2. 5 bucks says she has armed guards wherever she goes. Hypocrites are worldwide. If you want to go after the violence go after the people that cause it. Guns can't fire themselves. Wishful thinking laws as I call them have no influence on the criminal behavior. Never has never will. Criminals pray for gun control to make it easier for them to get victims. Go to any prison all convicts will say that they're afraid of citizens with guns for protection because they know that they fear death.
  3. At least the host didn't say both are master debaters. Now that would have been hilarious
  4. Does anyone make a drop on kit or will I have to macguyver it into working?
  5. Well the populists we're with the red coats in the revolutionarythe war. The patriots were outlaws. They just persuaded enough like minded people to help their endeavore. The difference now is we'll be fighting against our brothers and foreign foes alike.
  6. im not sure why they couldn't just add them at the factory seems like a waste of time. to try and add it yourself later
  7. With hand tools you can screw up slow and fix it. With a drill press you screw up you buy a new gun. A vice some carbide tipped bits and an afternoon and you can scare Feinstine in no time. ohhhh yeaaa.
  8. RedDevilGuns


    Wait they let you have guns in Austin? i thought they condemned guns in the people's republik of Austin.
  9. very nice I'd like to do mine in metallic red
  10. Sounds like parts need to be made. So i can have my fancy adjustable stock without worrying about the non-sporting crap. Stupid ATF I hate you stupid smelly faces. Can't wait til quadrails become more affordable for it so i can whole hog on it instead of having to deal with that stock forend.
  11. that looks like a unibomber shed.... just saying. But even the unibomber would say it's too fucking hot to have a shed in west texas. LOL work on that air conditioning thing after that whole food and water business get sorted out.
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