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  1. Hello to everyone One of the best military surplus store is sending stuff to America. https://www.varusteleka.com/en?gclid=CKmxjP799dECFU8tGQodXLcNBQ Shipping cost only 9,99$. Check it out and get quality stuff cheap.
  2. Yeah it`s a G-43. Nice find. Check this page http://www.apfeltor.com/
  3. You know the Finnish and Russians both issued floor plates with loops on them. Sounds like I should make lanyard loop floor plates, looks to be a market. That is Finnish RK-62 mag. We used that loop to strap mag in the gun
  4. Super soaker is easy... Drill machinegun beltfed 420 rounds per min
  5. Earth is moving

  6. basa is Saab. What a great suprise . I just love those cars.
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