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  1. Looking for Draco mini, FTF or ship to ffl. Definitely prefer chromed, but not stuck on it. Joe
  2. Why I did it? I like working on things, and the Saiga I've converted and the AR I built from parts are my two favorite weapons aside from my pistols I've taken apart and done cheap polish trigger jobs on. The tinkering is 90% of what makes them special for me. Plus, I now know what parts do what in the gun and feel like I could fix almost any problem I come across. There's just something satisfying about taking a power tool to a brand new rifle, haha. After all conversion parts and the rifle, I'm in for right at $640, and it just feels better than the WASRs I've messed with at gun shows.
  3. Hey all, Saiga noob here. Just finished my first conversion, ACE rear trunion and DPH stock, off-brand rail system, TAPCO G2 FCG. Carolina Shooters Supply was great. One question, though. I racked the slide and chambered a round for cycling testing after the bullet guide, then noticed that the primer had a dent in it from the firing pin. Is that normal, or something I should look to address? I don't want to run the chance of accidental doubles when I fire it, just checking to make sure something isn't wrong. DirtyJoe
  4. I've got a set of the Howard leights, fairly impressed by them. Also got a pack of the radians custom molded earplugs, they're rated at 26db and I picked up a second set so I can mold my earphones into them for when I ride my Harley. I hate cranking up my headphones as loud as they'll go to hear over the wind.
  5. Cameron, any update on the Titan-style top rail for the Saiga rifles? I'm determined to hold off on front rails until yours come out, nobody else's look close to being as good!
  6. Sorry to resurrect this thread, but has anybody used one of these yet?
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