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  1. i would make sure that all 4 ports are completley unobstructed before spending any money. go shoot a few more rounds before removing the gas block. that will get enough crud in there to make it easier to see exactly were your gas block lies over the ports, once removed.. mine is a 4 port gun that had 1.5 holes blocked. i removed the material in the gas block that was covering the ports and now the saiga purrs like a kitten..
  2. ugh... welding and redrilling the pin grooves does not sound like a good time... with that being said, my 4 port saiga had a canted gas block and did not cylce the cheap stuff. 2 holes were partially blocked. i removed the gas block and dremeled with a 5/32 sanding stone to open the gas block a little bit to allow all 4 holes to breath. see this thread for pictures of what im talking about... http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/81743-make-sense/
  3. cobyb

    Make Sense?

    ok, so a little update. i removed the gas black again and did a little more porting. i basically just dremeled a "ramp" in the block, right where the gas exits the barrel and through the gas block, before the puck. i pretty much made this ramp the same angle of the gas ports, so nothing should be restricting the gas flow at all. i also removed that lighter spring and re-installed the stock front spring. i cycled 100 rounds through the gun yesterday with zero issues. at this time, i now consider my saiga reliable and wouldnt hesitate to use it as my HD gun if needed. i also updated the look of
  4. the pins are tapered on mine... and def not gonna use a broken drill bit... burt i found some new pins on CSS for 11 bucks shipped. thanks anyways!
  5. i misplaced the lower pin for my s12 gas block. anybody have 1 or 2 they want to sell? paypal ready. thanks
  6. cobyb

    Make Sense?

    i will use all advice given. im gonna have pauly do his magic, but leave it black on top (might also get a vertical handle).. i like the iea of reducung friction... also gonna remove that front spring and re-install the original one...if i still encounter any type of malfunciton, is it then time for me to drill out those damn ports? id rather not, unless it will make the gun function without any hiccups... thanks
  7. cobyb

    Make Sense?

    forgot to mention ive been shootin the same 100rd value pack of winchester through out all of testing...
  8. cobyb

    Make Sense?

    i will try hip shootin it next weekend. i took it out to the woods today with 400 shells shared between my buddies ole JC higgins pump and the S12. (prob close to 300 of those shells were fed to the md drum) the first 3 shots stovepiped. after clearing all 3, the 4th round fired fine and the gun never hiccupped again. not sure whats causing the intial hiccup, but im thinking of removing the gas block and measuring the ports like BigChris mentioned earlier. i guess im hoping that maybe one or two of them are smaller then supposed to be.. but if they are all .078, can i go a size up in drill bit
  9. cobyb

    Make Sense?

    well i think the dremel worked! this morning i shot three md drums worth of winchester #8...after the first five shells and two gas adjustments later, the gun ran flawlessy for the remaining 55 rounds! i was at a gun range so no rapid firing was tested, but hopefully headin to the woods tomorrow with a few more shells to see if quiucker firing will cause any issues.
  10. cobyb

    Make Sense?

    ok, well reemed the gas block a bit where it was blocking the ports.. i kind of "chamfered" the gas block, (see pic), with my dremel and a 5/32 sharpening stone, specifically where the ports looked to be blocked.. i also scribed a light index before removal of GB to ensure proper installation.... im going to test fire tomorrow.. if problem persists, should i ream a little bit more? or should i maybe look into drilling my ports to the next size? The gas block removal was relativley easy and simple to do. i've heard a few horror stories related to removal of the gas block, but after 500 rounds,
  11. cobyb

    Make Sense?

    indeed. 1 out of 5 isnt good at all.. this gun wouldnt shoot more then one round at a time when i first started... i guess im still a long way off.. hopefully this dioscovery will cure my issues... This is exactly what my intensions are... im only gonna remove enough material to fully expose the two patially blocked ports.. i see the grove you speak of and i dont see any reason why i should even come close to grinding on that.. now as far as people going a tad bigger on the ports, what kind of issues could i run into? i have an adjustable gas block from MD and a CSS puck... or sh
  12. cobyb

    Make Sense?

    My S12 is close to being 100% consistant. It will fte every 5 rounds or so. I decided to remove the gas block. Upon removal, I discovered that i have 4 ports and the gas block was partially covering 2 of the holes. (see pics) I need to remedy this problem. Is it ok to bore the gas block open a bit more to allow flow from the two partially blocked ports? If so, what would be my best approach? Dremel and some fluid? Opinions? Thanks sorry for the crappy pics.
  13. federal way. just ordered my first saiga 12 in a group buy and im stoked. this fourm is bad a.
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