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  1. I bought a S308 a few weeks ago, and planning on doing an rpk clone. I ordered a Russian plum rpk,set from russiansurplus. I ordered the 308 version of Dinzig's lower handguard retainer. The rpk lower handguard is too big for the retainer. What options do I have other than removing the fsb and gas block and installing an original rpk retainer? I really didn't want to have to do that. Thanks
  2. Conventional for me. Here are a couple of mine. http://images2.snapfish.com/232323232%7Ffp83232%3Euqcshlukaxroqdfv774%3B%3Dot%3E2644%3D449%3D4%3B%3A%3D35534493%3C9345nu0mrj
  3. Sorry, they did have some a few days ago.
  4. Centerfire has converted 5.45's for $550http://centerfiresystems.com/SAI-545HCCEN.aspx Sorry, they did have some.
  5. Centerfire has converted 5.45's for $550. Prices are definitely going down. http://centerfiresystems.com/SAI-545HCCEN.aspx
  6. I was going to suggest taking the dust cover off and cycling it by hand and watch the spring and FCG when pulling the trigger. See if the spring arms move around or come off during this. I saw a video on fixing this problem once. The one spring arm would come off but would go back into place when pushing the trigger forward to reset it. Couldn't see it happening until the cover was removed.
  7. Are the legs of the hammer spring moving around after you fire the trigger?
  8. Yea, I have a Chinese 5rd mag that I just cut the bottom half off the follower. It holds 10 now. The 5rd Chinese are short to begin with too.
  9. My 09 762 had threads. I ended up putting a Bulgy fsb on it anyway. It doesn't have a stepped chamber either.
  10. I'm a little confused? What purpose does the Kydex serve? Some commie laws?
  11. Are you saying you are trying to use a plastic grip nut? Or am I misunderstanding you? I would just find a surplus grip screw and nut.
  12. Almost finished, just needs paint. http://images2.snapfish.com/232323232%7Ffp83232%3Euqcshlukaxroqdfv38%3A6%3Dot%3E%3B6%3B8%3D46%3C%3D345%3DXROQDF%3E2639467%3A45254ot1lsi
  13. http://images2.snapfish.com/232323232%7Ffp83232%3Euqcshlukaxroqdfv7327%3Dot%3E263%3B%3D923%3D529%3D354%3A923438345nu0mrj
  14. http://images2.snapfish.com/232323232%7Ffp83232%3Euqcshlukaxroqdfv7327%3Dot%3E263%3B%3D923%3D529%3D354%3A923438345nu0mrj http://images2.snapfish.com/232323232%7Ffp83232%3Euqcshlukaxroqdfv%3A459%3Dot%3E263%3B%3D923%3D52%3B%3D354%3A92343%3A345nu0mrj
  15. Got her back together. She looks nice. I will get pictures up soon. Thanks for all the help.
  16. Well they came off pretty easy. I drilled a little into the dimples and cut down each side with a cutting wheel. Then I took a chisel and hammer and smacked my cuts, and the broke loose pretty easy. Sorry Risky, unless you want to try welding them back together? I trial fit the new gas block and fsb, and they seek like they will go on without a whole lot of trouble. Do I need to press these on with a press, and if so how? Or can I just put them on the oven or something like that and drive them on gently? Thanks
  17. I swear it looks like there are pins in the fsb too. It looks like pins on one side of the fsb and the other side is flush. Did they crimp the dimples and put pins in? The one side that is smooth looks like they may have welded and then ground it off? I scraped some of the paint off the smooth side, and it looks like the outline of the pins under there?
  18. Pretty cool Sim. If you want to do it bad enough, you don't need a shop. Hey Bigtwin, nice to see others who enjoy the old vw's too. Don't see too many who love Saiga's/AK's too
  19. Don't have any plans for the old one yet. Don't know how much trouble I'll have getting it off. It's pressed on(dimples) not pinned, but my .223 was pinned on and it didn't want to come off. I ended up cutting it off.
  20. After removing the original fsb seems like I remember seeing on someone else's build one pin notch under there. Is that pretty common? Or is it a crap shoot? The reason I'm concerned is that I don't want to install the new one canted, and figured if there is atleast one pin notch for each. I could install one pin to line it up before drilling or reaming. After I remove the original fsb, what size bit/reamer do I need to make the notches? I'm going to be using standard size pins. I'm leaning toward getting a reamer and using my friends drill press. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks,
  21. I got a lot of my fix-it mentality from my Dad. He could never afford to hire a plumber, so we always fixed things ourselves. Same with cars, I got in the way allot of time's but was always there to at least hand him tools. I love working on my own cars, but when it will take me 2 or 3 weekends of my time crawling around on the garage floor or paying someone to fix it during the week. Sometimes I would rather pay someone to get it done so it's not down for a few weeks.
  22. If he did real quality work wouldn't he show images of the internals? Not a single image of the bolt carrier etc. In the "security operator" auction. Most WTS ads on the forums show the internals. Or am I missing something?
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