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  1. I love the look of the saiga 12 030 handguard does anyone know if it will fit on the vepr 12?
  2. Does it still have the factory handguard or an ak handguard . I just picked one up too. They are converted by the importer rwa.
  3. I just picked up a Saiga already converted by rwa. I wanted to make it an ak103 so wanted to add the proper handguard front sight and 74 brake. I also wanted to add a 100 series folding stock. Does anyone have any recommendations to go to
  4. Don't know if it's your same problem but one time I was getting light primers too and it was because my firing pin was gunked up cleaned it real good and hit it with some compressed air and the problem when away
  5. Kind of sad reading this I had a loose piston on my lsa saiga and sure enough it cracked!! Kind of giving up on mag fed shotguns.....
  6. Thanks thats what i was hoping to hear.That looks amazing, love your 308 also. I have a s12 at lonestar but I can't wait anymore so this should hold me off til then I'm just still a little on the fence tho. Im.sure I'll pull the trigger I've just seen a few of these selling for over a thousand not to long ago in my area.
  7. Did you ever receive yours ak monty?I was thinking of ordering one of these bad boys today from Atlantic
  8. My new Lone Star Arms L1 Base model that i got for a steal!! She's currently back at Lone Star getting hk sights, cut barrel to around 13 inches with monster brake permanently attached, ace skeleton stock with push button folder, and 2 rails on the side of the hand guard. The waits unbearable i cant wait to get her back but i know she's in good hands Mike's the man!!
  9. Just got a lone star arms saiga and really need a factory 5 rounder if you'll sell separate let me know!
  10. Was this still availble i have a like new pap m92 i would trade or if you had any other rifles
  11. Im pretty sure that it Is the top slot that goes on the rail.the vent hole is almost all the way up against the top part. I remember now to when I first got my saiga I tried putting a Tapco infuse rail on it and it was even worse I couldn't go through a mag. Atleast now mags run its just the drum now! I'm going to try shooting it with no rail then just the bottom piece of the rail then if anything drill a hole for the vent!! thanks for the quick reply guys hopefully I get it working because I love the md 20. I Also had it tightend all the way so I could be that also
  12. Recently just got a chaos tri tail and went to the range to test it. The first Mag of buckshot and some birdshot went threw like nothing but then I load up the md20 and it's just a jam fest til like the tenth round then it doesn't act up. My saiga is a 09 with I know forsure three holes( might be 4 never checked!) and she's always ran like a champ even with the drum. Has any one else experienced this?
  13. I love new Mexico you can conceal in your car loaded of not with no permit because it's a extension of your home! You can open carry to but I don't think it's worth the hastle you better of getting a concealed permit!
  14. I had the one with pistol grip stock and the fore arm had a spring! I sold it and really regret it best pump shotgun I ever had was very sturdy! I've had 500s to 870s and they were both piece of shits compared to the Tristar if you can get one don't hesitat! In my onion best pump shotgun available
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