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  1. Keep in mind Im only buying another .22 pistol only because I want a threaded barrel.
  2. I want to buy a .22 lr pistol. Must come with a treaded barrel. I been looking at the Ruger SR22 and 22/45 lite. Also the S&W MP .22. Which one would you recommend and why?
  3. Thanks for the review. I might have to buy a few to try them out for myself. Before I buy is there a coupon code I can use?
  4. I ordered a slant back stock and made it fit my square back after some wood work. I end up finding that out about the trigger guard after trying to fit the new stock.
  5. I found a finished slant back vepr stock. I need to replace my unfinished square back vepr. Could you cut the slant out of the wood stock to fit the square back receiver on the vepr 7.62x54?
  6. Looks like centerfire systems are the only ones selling the square backs right now. On sale for $729. The bad thing is that the stocks are unfinished. I was going to hold out until they come out with finished stocks because I like the way they look. This might be the last for the square backs for sale in the 7.62x54. They just sold out of the 23" barrel. I jump the gun and put my order in for the 20 1/2" barrel. I guess I can also finish the stock myself or replace it with any standard AK stock.
  7. I noticed wear on only one side of my carrier. That is when I noticed my gas block is canted. What is the best way to fix this?
  8. Would you ever offer a polished bolt instead of black?
  9. I have 10 SMG mags, 2 AGP mags and 2 Pro Mags. Both Pro mags I had to file down to make them fit right. None of the other brands I never had to file. The Pro mag 20 rd drums are ok but I like the MD drums better.
  10. I don't think I want to waste my money on promag. I will hold out and wait for the other brands to come in. I see the price went up on the 20 rd drums $125 now. A few months ago they were $89.
  11. Was anyone installed this on their S12? Results? I don't know about replacing the metal factory parts with plastic aftermarket parts.
  12. I can think of a another company that is a business member on here and also commented on this thread. I wanted to buy the win choke adapter. He told me to pay a head on time so I will be one of the first people to get one when he gets them in stock. Everyone else was receiving the first batches when they came in that paid after me. After 45 days of waiting I asked him about that and his response was only two words "OH WELL". So I got a refund. It was a good thing because I found that akbuilder had them in stock and cheaper also.
  13. I just ordered 4 mags!!! They had 84 in stock before I put my order in. I will be suprized if they will have any in stock by tomorrow.
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