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  1. I have a Russian Saiga folder, will you install it on a Saiga?
  2. I think some of you should work for handgun, inc. or the Fienstien staff.
  3. Assassin, Why not drop the price 20 pounds and see how many more you sell. If you are selling ten a week now I bet you will sell thirty or more a week. $91 is a lot of money compared to the fact a Saiga-12 only goes for $199 plus. You will make almost a thousand bucks selling mags at 50 pounds each, but you will make almost triple that a week if you sell them at 30 pounds. Why? Because poor guys like me and the idealogical consumers who won't pay $91 for a mag when the gun it goes to costs only $199, will be included in your market by the simple price reduction. Simple economics, WAL
  4. I think you are onto it! I have read that the trigger gaurd is considered in the Assault weapons parts count, if this is so, then I HIGHLY RECOMEND building your own trigger gaurd, stamping it and calling it a US PART to cooperate with the FEDs and keep your parts count up, this may allow you to use Hi-caps, folders or some other Russian part that you think that would make your Saiga more interesting, ie. Russian origianl Saiga pistol grip. Making your own trigger gaurd is simple, Hatzpads idea is a excellent suggestion and works great, you can never tell it was moved forward that cou
  5. Yeah, yeah, yeah! Spin talk, liberal hype. A all volunteer Army is a Socialists dream. It recruits the ghetto kids, the uneducated, the trailer trash and a few, very few kids that are willing to volunteer the five times to make Spec Ops. A mobilization like during WWII would draft the likes of young Bushes, the Kerrys, the Kennedys, the Cheneys, the Clintons. In other words the elite power hungry poloticians will have to serve to. So will the sons of the rich and the afffluent. Our military today is offballanced racially. Greater percentages of minorities serve than there is in the gen
  6. I don't want to stretch our troops thin, I want to thicken our troop strength! I want a draft for every man in the US between the ages of 18 and 27, and a recall of every former sailor, marine, soldier and airman up to the age of 35. A huge mobilization alone will deter our enemies. Nations who support them will shake in their boots and panties. I also believe that there should be a new service connected to the Border Security. We should round up those who for wht ever reason are trying to enter our country illegaly and are caught that are illegal in the US proper to be forced
  7. I'm saying that a non-state sponsered organized group should actively seek out the enemy amongst us and turn them in. By being state run and sposered you will run into political problems. Anti-gunners are not going to allocate money for you to have guns, bullets and body armor. Just like they won't let our troops in Iraq have body armor and bullets if they can help it. I bet you that you can do more good forming a group no-one knows about and looking for suspicious people NOW then you will do good waiting for congress to approve a 'Home Gaurd', and you know that will take five or mo
  8. Personally I think if weapons inspectors came here from the UN to take away our weapons of mass destruction we would tell them to get out. I think we need to be consistent and agree the UN is bad, and so will the One World Government will be to. I think we had every right to nail Saddam, not because the UN inspectors got thrown out, but because he sponsered the deaths of 2,000 Israelis these last ten years and the deaths of 1,000 Americans these last ten years. I for one have seen first hand the deaths of people sponsered by Saddams money. The PLO's terriost factions recieve 25,00
  9. There is a world of difference between regular, reserve and national gaurd guys and Spec Ops guys. There is very little difference though in the regulations. But there is no regulation for guys working out side the box, if you know what I mean. This thread is not for the purchase of anything for regular troops or the guys under the rules talked about. The SF guys got some more leway when it comes to weapons approved by their chain of command and accesories not authorized for regular forces. That is why they are called Special Forces. Hint! Anyways the source has been found and PrvtP
  10. All the power to you, but expect a $300 labor quote. I got a $700 labor quote to do a AK-105 build, so I bet Chris Butler will nail you for about $300-$400 to do that work not counting parts mind you. Thats another $100 and then some. You are better off either buying a post-Sept.14th import or buying the tools and learning to do it yourself. A good drill, a vice, a hammer and a dremel. A good rivet set and reviter will be a great buy to. You could buy all this for a third of what Any AK-builder will want from you except one guy I know and he is very, very good. It's Coyote Gulch Armory in Sun
  11. Saigalova, I was not defending the crusades, I was defending Christianity. Two destinctly different things. To say that the crusaders were nice guys would be stupid, to say the Muslims were passive sorry little lambs is crazy to say too. It is fact that the Muslim armys invaded Europe first and that the Muslims retreated to the Byzintine lands (Turkey) and Spain. They attacked Europe at will for 300 years before the crusades ever set sail. Who in the world said arguing your point is not being HUMBLE. I think you have humility confused with passiveness and that is a mistake. I am no
  12. Guy there is literaly a dozen posts on this Forum site with pictures and step-by-step detail on how to perform the job yourself. It really is no harder than building a plastic model airplane, but if you can't do that, I mean if you don't have patience I guess you could have some gunsmith who has never seen and AK before let alona a Saiga shotgun charge you several hundred bucks to mess it up. I would not go with a FSE Skeleton stock with out getting the recoil pad, wether the Bulgarian, Russian or the US made knock-off. The recoil pad runs about $15 to$30 depending what country of orgin and w
  13. First off how in the world do you say such filth and believe it? Whoever my president maybe, c'mon what if the next president suspeneds our 2nd amendment rights or revokes the rights of Jews or that of home Bible studies or creates martial law and work camps? What if your next leader wants to be called the "dear Fuhrer"? What if? You say such Politicaly Correct garbage it gets me wondering if you are the sterotype for the "Home Gaurd Brown Shirts". C'mon get real. It does matter who our President is. Major Leauge teams and NFL teams Don't go to the Playoffs with bad coaching and we will
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