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    Elite firearms 12c's conversions for sale

    I have a Russian Saiga folder, will you install it on a Saiga?
  2. rock47

    If I buy an LEO Saiga 12c, what do I have to do?

    I think some of you should work for handgun, inc. or the Fienstien staff.
  3. Assassin, Why not drop the price 20 pounds and see how many more you sell. If you are selling ten a week now I bet you will sell thirty or more a week. $91 is a lot of money compared to the fact a Saiga-12 only goes for $199 plus. You will make almost a thousand bucks selling mags at 50 pounds each, but you will make almost triple that a week if you sell them at 30 pounds. Why? Because poor guys like me and the idealogical consumers who won't pay $91 for a mag when the gun it goes to costs only $199, will be included in your market by the simple price reduction. Simple economics, WAL-MART philosophy, it's made trillions so far. $$$$$$ Try it and let it work for you.
  4. rock47

    Trigger guard question

    I think you are onto it! I have read that the trigger gaurd is considered in the Assault weapons parts count, if this is so, then I HIGHLY RECOMEND building your own trigger gaurd, stamping it and calling it a US PART to cooperate with the FEDs and keep your parts count up, this may allow you to use Hi-caps, folders or some other Russian part that you think that would make your Saiga more interesting, ie. Russian origianl Saiga pistol grip. Making your own trigger gaurd is simple, Hatzpads idea is a excellent suggestion and works great, you can never tell it was moved forward that couple of inches when you are done. But making your own trigger gaurd is probably the very best of two worlds, economical and legality compliant. Great succes to you.
  5. rock47

    Home Guard

    Yeah, yeah, yeah! Spin talk, liberal hype. A all volunteer Army is a Socialists dream. It recruits the ghetto kids, the uneducated, the trailer trash and a few, very few kids that are willing to volunteer the five times to make Spec Ops. A mobilization like during WWII would draft the likes of young Bushes, the Kerrys, the Kennedys, the Cheneys, the Clintons. In other words the elite power hungry poloticians will have to serve to. So will the sons of the rich and the afffluent. Our military today is offballanced racially. Greater percentages of minorities serve than there is in the general populace. Less minorities graduate from colloge too. Also a war gearing economy is not bad, we are spending the money already on lots of these kids. We are spending money either keeping them in jail or School. Also the jobless economy problems will be solved. Many, many good things come from a society inwich every one pulls their on wieght verses a society were only the minorities, the poor, the futureless social outcasts serve and die. Number uno, our enemies will shake in their boots and panties! Remember that during WWII. an draft army, many volunteered to join was the era of special warfare, Large armor forces, fighter jets, machineguns, paratroopers, Rangers, Maraudeers, Raiders, OSS and the Frog Men. A all volunteer army draws from the overall populace, but only those with out a solid future really join and they join to enpower their lives, because they had no college money or medical benefits or future otherwise. But a draft Army draws its troops from the entire populace, every houshold, rich or poor. It gets the Einstiens and the dummies in one fell swoop. And men once faced with military life, excell and often join elite units. I think a wise look at a draft is a true look at the best of democracy. What we have now borders close to the old Brtish colonial system. It is un-American the way we are treating our guys now. Many have served twice in Afganastain and twice in Iraq over the past three years. That is very sick to me to have a society content to watch these guys be burn out, overtaxed and pushed in front of bullets and bombs, and for the public to hide behind the theory, "well they volunteered". Well that's wrong. We have a million enemy to fight these next few years and we need more guys. We should never do what we are doing. In peace time or war, we need the draft. It makes us an honest society that does not waste the lives of their young, but rather values them because it is them.
  6. rock47

    Need 8rd mags quick.

    Are you a leg?
  7. rock47

    Home Guard

    I don't want to stretch our troops thin, I want to thicken our troop strength! I want a draft for every man in the US between the ages of 18 and 27, and a recall of every former sailor, marine, soldier and airman up to the age of 35. A huge mobilization alone will deter our enemies. Nations who support them will shake in their boots and panties. I also believe that there should be a new service connected to the Border Security. We should round up those who for wht ever reason are trying to enter our country illegaly and are caught that are illegal in the US proper to be forced into the Reserves and sent to areas like Najif and other hot spots. Of course they will be trained and they will most likey will refuse and ask for to returned to their native Mexico and we will at a fee to the Mexican Government. I believe a large mobilization and secure border will do more than you could imagine. We can use our wounded veterans as cadre for the new army and retain our highly educated army with pay hikes and better job placement. And if I was President there wouldn't be a leg in the Army today....Airborne aall the way, Ranger, Special Forces, Delta.......Huahhhh! Seriously, I would reinstate the 4th, 5th, 6th Ranger Battalions and Merrils Maruaders for sure. I would maintain a large mechanized force, heavy and light. I would actively pursue the enemies untill the threat was annihilated!
  8. rock47

    new home guard topic

    I'm saying that a non-state sponsered organized group should actively seek out the enemy amongst us and turn them in. By being state run and sposered you will run into political problems. Anti-gunners are not going to allocate money for you to have guns, bullets and body armor. Just like they won't let our troops in Iraq have body armor and bullets if they can help it. I bet you that you can do more good forming a group no-one knows about and looking for suspicious people NOW then you will do good waiting for congress to approve a 'Home Gaurd', and you know that will take five or more years, we don't have that time. Also their are people leaking secrets to foriegn powers and who in turn are selling those secrets to the terrorists. If you are on a roster, then the terorists will know who to avoid and what parts of town to move their safe houses. But if they don't know about you, then they might not know that you are living right next door and monoitering them to turn them in or make your own arrest.
  9. rock47

    Home Guard

    Personally I think if weapons inspectors came here from the UN to take away our weapons of mass destruction we would tell them to get out. I think we need to be consistent and agree the UN is bad, and so will the One World Government will be to. I think we had every right to nail Saddam, not because the UN inspectors got thrown out, but because he sponsered the deaths of 2,000 Israelis these last ten years and the deaths of 1,000 Americans these last ten years. I for one have seen first hand the deaths of people sponsered by Saddams money. The PLO's terriost factions recieve 25,000 for every suicide bombing, carried out against Israelis, Jews and Americans anywhere in the world. The time I spent in Israel there were two bombings where I was close enough to fill the blast and see the blast kill. And several people who were killed, not counting the people who lost eyes, ears, arms, breast, organs, hands, feet and noses, were Americans. Saddam for me represented state sponsered terrorism. As I said who cares if the UN could not have their way with Saddam, It matters to me that he killed people I knew and should matter to you that they were Americans. Everyone in the Middle East knows that Saddam brockered deals with Iran and Syria and they got his old and new missles, and the Korean built Al Saddam II's, a missle that could hit any target in Israel it wants to, today Iran tested that same missle and claims it can defeat Israel's missle shield, which is the same missle shield we have, because Israel built and designed our missle shield. Yes, Israel designed and built our SDI technology. What's new Israel when I was there was buying our old systems for a song and reworking them with new tech stuff and we were buying them back for big bucks. Smart guys and advanced technology, but hey they have to be to stay one step ahead of annilation. My point is Saddam was our enemy and we have an obligation to deter and destroy our enemies when and were we can any time and day of the week or year. I am a lil' confused to why Syria and Iran are allowed to freely attack us in Iraq, most of the foriegn fighters are from these two states of terror and the support in the forms of money and weapons also comes from Syria and Iran. We need to take these regimes out, if we could we would see the organized attack immediatley halted, without monwy and arms these attacks will be stopped and anything remotely like it will be crushed, but as long as these thugs can plant a roadside bomb and kill a few of us and then run back to syria un checked they will, this reminds me of the DMZ and Ho Chi Minh Trail in the Vietnam war. This off-limits enemy sancturaries is ridiculous, we give our enemy our young to be slaughtered and aloow him to roam free to do it again as long as we leave Syria and Iran unchecked. AWWWW!! It make me insane with disbelief. How our poloticians can swear against Al Quida and yet try to create a safe haven for terrorist by building a Palesitnian Country for a people who are the worst terrorists in the world. I recognize most of the tactics used against our GI's are tactics Palestinians have used for the last three years. I know their trainning and sending personal over to Iraq. The Hypocracy of the Bush Administration to cater to the wims of terrorists like Yasser Arafat and to condemn the Thugs like Saddr in Iraq. I think they all should be sought, arrested and if not willing to go into custody, shot. To respect the Muslims religious symbols, the Mosques, at the expense of our young men is insane, a build ing is not worth the life of our service men. By showing respect for their mosques we are disrespecting the lives of our countrymen. We bolster the enemys view that their god, Allah, is protecting them and their religion that preaches hate and death to the infedel is right. We teach our young men and women that their lives are less of a value then our PC attitudes to protect a religion that is trying to destroy them. Jihad is the Arab word for crusades against the infedel. They are the ones crusading and they are winning, because we are failing to fight to win. We must practice total war or not war at all. It is a waste to go half-heartedly into it, it is a moral sin to send our fighting force off to die and kill if we are not going for the total victory.
  10. rock47

    Need 8rd mags quick.

    There is a world of difference between regular, reserve and national gaurd guys and Spec Ops guys. There is very little difference though in the regulations. But there is no regulation for guys working out side the box, if you know what I mean. This thread is not for the purchase of anything for regular troops or the guys under the rules talked about. The SF guys got some more leway when it comes to weapons approved by their chain of command and accesories not authorized for regular forces. That is why they are called Special Forces. Hint! Anyways the source has been found and PrvtPyle is in contact with military armorers supposedly and can square away a in country SF team on special purchases and requisitions. This chat is not about what is legal or not it is about where to find legal LEO 8rd. mags for LEO and DOD types. So if anyone has a source go for it and list it!
  11. rock47

    Which buttstock to get?

    All the power to you, but expect a $300 labor quote. I got a $700 labor quote to do a AK-105 build, so I bet Chris Butler will nail you for about $300-$400 to do that work not counting parts mind you. Thats another $100 and then some. You are better off either buying a post-Sept.14th import or buying the tools and learning to do it yourself. A good drill, a vice, a hammer and a dremel. A good rivet set and reviter will be a great buy to. You could buy all this for a third of what Any AK-builder will want from you except one guy I know and he is very, very good. It's Coyote Gulch Armory in Sunnyside, WA. The owner is Mark S. Tucker and he is a FFL type 07 licensed manufaturer. Call him at 1-509-839-6275. I had him install a folder on my gun for $75, and he did a beautiful job, he set pinned it permanent, but the pin is very removable come Spet. 14th if you get what I mean.
  12. rock47

    Home Guard

    Saigalova, I was not defending the crusades, I was defending Christianity. Two destinctly different things. To say that the crusaders were nice guys would be stupid, to say the Muslims were passive sorry little lambs is crazy to say too. It is fact that the Muslim armys invaded Europe first and that the Muslims retreated to the Byzintine lands (Turkey) and Spain. They attacked Europe at will for 300 years before the crusades ever set sail. Who in the world said arguing your point is not being HUMBLE. I think you have humility confused with passiveness and that is a mistake. I am no coward, never have been never will be. I never run, I stand and fight or I stand and endure, but I never run. I think you confuse my will to see the truth win as an excuse to say a knee jerk liberal thing like "we all have ego's but you need humility because you are a christian and I don't because I am a aithiest" silly double standard you liberals use to quiet up the weak and uneducated Christians, but it won't work with me. Remember I was not born saved, I was an anti-God hater for nearly 25 years befor I got saved and saw the light. I use to make Christians run and cry and cave in to my liberal rehotoric. I know al the knee jerk and cunning lil' ploys liberals use to win arguments against good natured Christians, not that I am great and the best debater, it's just that I am experienced with your side of the fence and beliefs, I too was a liberal for many years. I studied ways to put down God and His people. But now I have seen how my horrible unjust ways didn't hurt God or His people they only hurt me and I wish you would see that your anger only hurts you, not me or God or the rest of His people. A good question for you. Would you defend the USA for it's fight during WWII? Even though we bombed the hell out of the Germans and the Japanese. Killing Millions of innocent people to win the war, to break their will and their backs? I think you are falling for the Saudi Arabian state sponsered propaganda that preaches that the crusaders are a bunch of evil cruel Europeans and the Muslims were an bunch of peace loving nice Arabs who never hurt a fly. I think you are wrong to say Christiananity is bad, you ought to say some people claimed to be Christian but because of their fruit showed that they were not. A Christian who betrays Jesus is no longer a Christian, but as gone back to being just like you. A selfiish, self-righteous God hater who has all the cute answers and right ideas and know all about religiona nd that all religion is the same garbage, which is the biggest cop-out lie and crutch of them all. You are really quite dillesuinal in your beliefs if you think you have a leg up on God. God loves you, He loves you so much it hurts Him to hear you talk the way you do. He has given Himself for you to be set free from sin and the trap of sin which is Hell. Now about your polotics, think about this, okay? John Kerry admits to raping, stealing, burning villages and towns, he admits to commiting war attrocities including killing innocent people and violating US policy by taking his Swift boat crew on a raid five miles up the river into off limits Cambodia. If you don't like Bush, who like Millions of young men who were stationed as a deterent to Cuba or Eastern Eruopean threats during the cold war, men who never set foot in Vietnam but served honorably at their assigend posts, what do you say to them, those who served their nation but did not kill for her? NOW! What about all those draft dodgers the liberal media like to portray as the heroes of the Vietnam war because the refused to fight an "Unjust War", so what do you say about those guys, cowards or heros? I guess the liberals want to say that Kerry was Both, a baby killer and a Anti-war protester. Sounds scarry to me. I think Bush is an okay fella. He was a fighter jet pilot, he was our first line of defence against the Cuban's if they launched those Russian medium range missles they kept after the "Cuban Missle Crisis", they had and still do have nuclear capability. His job was to intercept and destroy, he was rated number 2 in all of the US fighter command for his skill. That is something his daddys money could not buy. If Kerry was so great a war hero why did he abonded his duty to see that beloved crew of his throught the end of their tour of duty, but instead came home after only three months as a swift boat captain? Kerry's wounds were superficial. NOW! My own father was rocketed three times in one month alone, blew three times out of his Alluminium armored APC and was shot once and grenaded four times in the first 13 months he was in Vietnam, he spent a total of 26 months in Vietnam and all officers were required to complete 13 months before coming home. My Father was like thousands of young officers who stayed on dispite their wounds. The best award my father ever got was a bronze star for leadin a troop of cavalry against a Regiment of NVA regulars to rescue a company of Marines pinned sown and wounded up near the DMZ. That was 1-100 odds he faced. What did John Kerry get his silver star for? Pulling a guy out the water? Medics did more than that in a single firefight. C'mon! Flowery reports and silver stars were the way fella officers promoted each other and the way the Military intelligence keeps officers in combat zones that they fear are trying to abonded their posts with skills like the laguage skills Kerry had for French and Vietnamese that they needed and would want one day to be MACV SOG officer. My father was MACV SOG, I know that he did Two tours. Carry did Three months. My dad is no Hero, he is a regular guy with normal problems. And he is poor not rich. Like Kerry who is rich, but that's not my point, My point is that Kerry scares me on a moral level and he should you to and anyone who supports him is in the same mind set as those who supported Hitler. They ignored the facts and believed the hype. Is Kerry Hitler, NO, but is no war hero either, he ran from his post and duty and abonded the crew he had. The real hero is the man who did his duty and did it well, no matter were he was posted. The real hero is the vetran who came back and did not lie and accused hi fella comrades of lies to rally an anger against them. That spitting and anti-soldier rehotoric that has caused so much grief for the veterans of the war hangs on Kerry's head. I guess it really does matter who you vote for this election!
  13. rock47

    Which buttstock to get?

    Guy there is literaly a dozen posts on this Forum site with pictures and step-by-step detail on how to perform the job yourself. It really is no harder than building a plastic model airplane, but if you can't do that, I mean if you don't have patience I guess you could have some gunsmith who has never seen and AK before let alona a Saiga shotgun charge you several hundred bucks to mess it up. I would not go with a FSE Skeleton stock with out getting the recoil pad, wether the Bulgarian, Russian or the US made knock-off. The recoil pad runs about $15 to$30 depending what country of orgin and where you buy it. FAC is the cheapest, the US made on they sell is only $13. The Recoil on the Saiga-12 is to sharp with out more buttpad meat. The Recoil pad is sold by RPB and FAC (Gunsnstuff.com) and sometimes you cand find them at gun shows. The recoil pad works on all Russian stocks, that is full stocks wood and synthetic, underfolders and skeleton stocks. I would also recomend that you use 'Loc-tite' when setting the screw as the recoil will be sure to rip the screw out of the threads if they get loose, happened to my friend when I told him to loc-tite the screws on his FSE stock he mounted on a 7.62 Sar-1 , he didn't and they stripped right out. So remember this or it will be sure to happen to you. The full length stock is better and absorbs more recoil. It's cheaper too, allowing you to spend more money on mags and ammo. I found that a CZ-75 pistol rear sight will fit nicely in the rear sight notch on a Saiga-12, so one of my Saiga's has tritium sights now. It is much more accurate day or night. Since it is a true rear sight, unlike the wierd set-up that is on there now. I hope you can accomplish all you want to do and the best to you.
  14. rock47

    new home guard topic

    First off how in the world do you say such filth and believe it? Whoever my president maybe, c'mon what if the next president suspeneds our 2nd amendment rights or revokes the rights of Jews or that of home Bible studies or creates martial law and work camps? What if your next leader wants to be called the "dear Fuhrer"? What if? You say such Politicaly Correct garbage it gets me wondering if you are the sterotype for the "Home Gaurd Brown Shirts". C'mon get real. It does matter who our President is. Major Leauge teams and NFL teams Don't go to the Playoffs with bad coaching and we will not win a war with a bad President either. You better note vote Socialist or Communist this next election, I mean Democrat. I sure hope you get the idea that our first line of defense is our freedoms and we must fight to insure them this next election. Sure the President has limited powers and a lot of policy and law is in the house and senate, but a bad apple will spoil the bunch and so will Kerry spoil our democratic republic if he wins. I for one would love it if Allan Keyes would run for the VP and Dick Cheney would step aside. Then I would be at least 50% confident in the executive branch. I am no big Bush fan but at least he is taking the fight to the enemy, well half heartedly taking the fight to them, maybe with the election behind him in this next year George will be wise create a draft, beef up the military, create at least three more Ranger Battalions and find funding for your Home Gaurd. A true Home Gaurd would need to be grass roots and since a armed citizenery is threat every congressional session I dought if any Democrat is going to support your move for a banned of armed citizens with a cocktail mix of post-ban and pre-ban AR-15's and M4's running around doing whatever you fantasize they would let you do. Me and countless youths in the 80' imagined what we would do when the Russian lead hored of Communists paraded themselves across oour nation like "Red Dawn" and "Amerika" movies. I wouls fanatsize that I would kill them with my 20ga. semi-auto Beretta and grab an Ak-47 and lead my fellow 14year old class mates to victory in our on "Home Gaurd". But really I think the best way to utilize the zeal and resources of personal that would want to join this "Home Gaurd would to create underground self reliant Patriotic Sleeper cells that work on tailing and informing on the Muslim Extremists in this Country. I believe more defense and damage could be done to the Al Quida sleepr cells and wanna-be Muslim fanatics by observing their religion, because these guys usually pray five times a day and the ones that don't are working so hard to gather specific detail on targets a well informed and trained counter-terrorist unit can with limited resources and familiar to the city and county knock them out with simple surveilance and pursuit techinques. We could as a "Home Gaurd" be the next guy on the news who turned in a Muslim money laundering/ safe house into the FBI or we could be the next guys to be credited to preventing the Okalahoma bombing or the next 9/11. Side Question: Do you remember during the news coverage of the Okalahoma Bombing by Tim McCvay that the immediate reports by people were that they saw McVay with a Middle Eastern man? What happened to this Middle Eastern man? In fact it was the Middle Eastern man who paid for the Rider truck. I see a lot of similaritys in the Federal Building bombing and the operations against us in Iraq and Leabanon. Very typicall Hezbolla tactics. I am wondering if the terorist sleeper cells are that imbedded that they have been here that long and that they would be organized and willing to work with any opposing faction of the US. Strangely in all the Aryan Nation Rehotoric Muslims are considered allies against the Jews and Evangelical Christians. Food for thought, since a Home Gaurd would become a target, a very easy target for the terrorists.