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  1. Hi there Saiga guys/gals, Its finally come time to say good bye to my beloved S12. It has been converted by TAC47 and since then has had a few more modifications. Here's how she sits now: - Tapco G2 Single Hook Trigger group - DPH skeleton stock w/ ACE recoil pad - No name sling with quick release swivel - ATI Scorpion pistol grip - KVAR Handguard - Cobra's Custom Vented Steel upper handguard - R&R billet Carrier - Total Barrel lenght shorthened to 18.5" including length of an Original Molot GK-01 brake - Cut, Pinned, Welded in place by Tac47. - Left hand charging handle conversion done
  2. I have a pks-07 on my 54r. I primarily use it for range time, although that sucker is pretty hefty. I have used it for some hog hunting here in Tx. It's the new version thats centered over the bore and uses lithium coin battery. Like it so far.
  3. Hi CSS, any updates on the mags? Hope you guys are still working on these and haven't decided to ditch the project.
  4. Damn! I missed the sale...I have one sitting in my closet waiting to be tested. I'm sure I'll buy a few more afterwards. Quality looks top notch. Now hurry up and make some 54r vepr mags XD
  5. Hahah...I guess that's a plus too XD
  6. How do you like it so far? Do you have the Molot or CSS version? I bought one about a month ago and now I'm waiting for my barrel chop and perm attach job to be completed...can't wait to try it out.
  7. GunFun: sorry for being a noob. So if I understand correctly, you modded the autoplug to be able to shoot slugs out of it also?
  8. I like the autoplug personally, but as far as i know it is not recommended to shoot slugs with it. On my 19" s12 I found that i dont really have a need for it. After TAC47 converted it for me, i am able to set it to setting 1 on the stock plug and shoot anything out of it including bird shot and slugs. Therefore, I now dont even use the auto plug.
  9. Wow, thats an awesome build. If I can come up with some extra cash I might make you an offer.
  10. Wow! That thing is sexy o.O just window shopping tho, wish I had the funds. GLWS!
  11. Damn...I want one of these as well. Pm incoming for this and cheek riser
  12. Hmmm, I can't believe I didn't see this before. How did it go with the first batch? I hope you are still making these because I sure do want one.
  13. Oh damn! Those look sexy I am defenitely in for some when ready.
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