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  1. Price dropped to $1700 OBO
  2. Hi there Saiga guys/gals, Its finally come time to say good bye to my beloved S12. It has been converted by TAC47 and since then has had a few more modifications. Here's how she sits now: - Tapco G2 Single Hook Trigger group - DPH skeleton stock w/ ACE recoil pad - No name sling with quick release swivel - ATI Scorpion pistol grip - KVAR Handguard - Cobra's Custom Vented Steel upper handguard - R&R billet Carrier - Total Barrel lenght shorthened to 18.5" including length of an Original Molot GK-01 brake - Cut, Pinned, Welded in place by Tac47. - Left hand charging handle conversion done by Tac47. - Cobra's Customs full service polish job. - 1 Russian 5rd Mag - 1 8rd SMG mag - 1 10rd SMG mag - 1 Csspecs 8rd steel mag - 1 MD20 drum w additional covers Not pictured/not installed: - 1 Tac47 autoplug - Recoil buffer from CSS - CSS G2 Performance Puc - CSS Axis Pin retaining plate Shotgun cycles everything you throw at it and as you can see from the pictures is in great condition. I didn't keep a round count, but if I had to estimate, I would say it has less than 1500 rounds through it. Selling it to payoff some CC debt unfortunately. Also have a the receipts from the TAC47 conversion and a few others. Price: $1850 for everything! buyer pays for shipping to an FFL. Please contact me via email raul.v.canales@gmail.com or you can also send me a text to 281-748-8646. Can send additional pics upon request. Thanks!
  3. I have a pks-07 on my 54r. I primarily use it for range time, although that sucker is pretty hefty. I have used it for some hog hunting here in Tx. It's the new version thats centered over the bore and uses lithium coin battery. Like it so far.
  4. MS-12

    vepr 54 mags

    Hi CSS, any updates on the mags? Hope you guys are still working on these and haven't decided to ditch the project.
  5. Damn! I missed the sale...I have one sitting in my closet waiting to be tested. I'm sure I'll buy a few more afterwards. Quality looks top notch. Now hurry up and make some 54r vepr mags XD
  6. MS-12

    GK-01 Does it work?!

    Hahah...I guess that's a plus too XD
  7. MS-12

    GK-01 Does it work?!

    How do you like it so far? Do you have the Molot or CSS version? I bought one about a month ago and now I'm waiting for my barrel chop and perm attach job to be completed...can't wait to try it out.
  8. MS-12

    Whats the verdict on the TAC-47 auto plug

    GunFun: sorry for being a noob. So if I understand correctly, you modded the autoplug to be able to shoot slugs out of it also?
  9. MS-12

    Whats the verdict on the TAC-47 auto plug

    I like the autoplug personally, but as far as i know it is not recommended to shoot slugs with it. On my 19" s12 I found that i dont really have a need for it. After TAC47 converted it for me, i am able to set it to setting 1 on the stock plug and shoot anything out of it including bird shot and slugs. Therefore, I now dont even use the auto plug.
  10. MS-12


    Wow, thats an awesome build. If I can come up with some extra cash I might make you an offer.
  11. Wow! That thing is sexy o.O just window shopping tho, wish I had the funds. GLWS!
  12. MS-12

    Steel vented upper HG's $20

    Damn...I want one of these as well. Pm incoming for this and cheek riser
  13. MS-12

    New Padded Cheek Riser / Rest For Skeleton Stocks

    Hmmm, I can't believe I didn't see this before. How did it go with the first batch? I hope you are still making these because I sure do want one.
  14. Oh damn! Those look sexy I am defenitely in for some when ready.