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  1. That may be true, now my other question is how do i know if i need a single or double hook?
  2. Whats a decent trigger group for my Saiga Conversion. And whats better , single or double hook. I plan on keeping the BHO. Haven't heard to many good things bout the Tapco G2. Thanks
  3. I hear ya, I definately have narrowed it down to those to. Now it's just a flip of the coin I suppose. lol. I'm leaning more towards the PA Micro but don't wanna wait to long for them to get back into stock.
  4. Just curious, any opinions on those reflex sights?
  5. What was yer original answer before you saw the "under $100" Corbin? Which generation of Primary Arms? Thanks for the input gentlemen.
  6. Hey guys, just wonderin, Bout to slap on an Ultimak. Whats the best Red Dot for co-witness for the money. I'm talkin under $100 give or take a very few bucks. Thanks
  7. Let me know if you change yer mind bout shipping ammo. Thanks
  8. Yup this is true, only 10 rounders allowed for me here in this jacked up state. Here in CA the criminals have it better than the law abiding citizens such as myself.
  9. ok, but putting on just that handguard doesn't make my Saiga illegal correct?
  10. If I just swap out my stock Saiga 7.62x39 handguard for one of those Tapco Intrafuse Saiga handguards does that make my Saiga illegal because of all that 922r BS? I eventually will do a full convert but just want the hand guard because it has that plate to hold back the heat.
  11. What an awesome site, thanks for all yer inputs. I went ahead and wiped out all the accessive oil on and in there. Got myself one of those bore snakes which is pretty damn kick ass I must say. Ran that through from the inside out. So come Sat. morn. I'm gonna be in the middle of BFE with some buddies and put her to the test. Can't wait.
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