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  1. I finally did the latch portion of my folding stock conversion. The side hole and the pivot hole took me about 3 hours to do. I had to remove about 1 mm of the rear of the latch because it was interfering with the front of the magwell guide, which I also trimmed. The buttstock button is sticky for some reason, and I put in a screw to limit the rearward travel which prevented the latch from working right. All is good now... I recommend this if you are good with your hands, have an excellent drill press and can take your time. Removing and replacing the magwell and mag release is interesting, sh
  2. I bought mine from Russia. It took a couple of weeks, but I had the time... buy a couple for the 2 shotguns you will end up with. ; )
  3. Legion USA is going to have some soon. I got a couple 8 round mags from Rusmilitary in England but they are expensive.
  4. The front ledge is not present on a magwell mag and the follower is different.
  5. I am liking the factory magwell guns, and I'm trying to dupe that look. Here's my 433-030. I also have the SVDS stock, it is nearly twice as heavy as the poly side folder, but a must if you use a red dot because that cheek rest really raises your eye while giving a lot of cheek weld. My folder has not had the front latch installed yet: don't have the parts yet. The goal:
  6. I agree with you, it's stupid... The gun doesn't know if a part is made in Izhevsk or Idaho... Most LEO wouldn't either...
  7. boomsticksforever dot com They don't fit perfectly, too large, need fitting. Sorry, didn't see your Q about the linkage holes. I riveted them and ground the rivets flush. you can see a ring on some of them, but that's OK. It's a lot better than holes. If I had access to welding equipment I'd weld them, because the rivets inside look like poop. Thankfully nobody will see them but me. The 2 extra holes on the bottom I re-squashed the old rivets to make sure they were tight and then ground them flush. The rear one needed grinding inside, too, to clear the rear trunnion. I think one pop with
  8. Converted my Saiga 12 433. I used my drill, a Dremel, a 4" thin cutting wheel on my 4.5" grinder, and riveting tools. No welding. Tapco internals, US floorplate, MDArms Flash hider. The front latch cut and hole have not yet been done, I am waiting on parts. I figured out that ties are a good way to capture the rear latch spring. I used some Alumablack on the bare metal, paint to come. Here it is after a bit of Duplicolor 500 degree engine paint, semigloss. Hard to see where the touchup ends and original paint begins...
  9. I will keep them both, and use whatever I feel like using on a given day...
  10. I might get one, but got to put the cart before the horse: it needs more development.
  11. I've seen versions at Atlantic, and I found one on GB, as well as cheaper than dirt, in the $1100 to $1150 range. I spend a bit more getting mine from LegionUSA. As far as buying both stocks, it was a matter of indecision. I can try one or the other. Then I hope to have the discipline to avoid buying another gun to pair up with the orphaned stock.
  12. This a Legion IZ-443? Are they imported to the US like that? And are those Izhmash stocks??? It's a 433. I ordered it from LegionUSA, direct. I coulda saved a bit ordering it from someplace else, but I didn't do my shopping. It comes as you see it, Fudd stocked. It gets converted by them if you want, but I like to have it done close to factory, and their conversion is not like I want it. Yes, those are Izhmash stocks. The poly one I got from Kvar, the other one from an AR15 member who listed a couple. They are hard to find and way expensive.
  13. My gun is itching to get converted. Which stock should I use?
  14. Ramlake & 20: Thanks for the info on the handguard. Got it off. Is yours like this with a captive spring? looks like it's there for the front latch mechanism.
  15. Beautiful! My 030 just came in today!! Still looking for a front latch, though, before embarking on the conversion. How do you get the lower fore grip off?
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