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    Reliable gunsmith to finish SBS?

    The reply I tagged you in was for @Bigshow, who posted on Sunday. I don't know if he's tried to contact you yet...
  2. Ronin38

    Reliable gunsmith to finish SBS?

    Bigshow- Check out the link included earlier. He has had trouble with his email system(s) in the past, but I think he has it straightened out now? @evlblkwpnz
  3. If the Demo's can do it for illegal aliens, no reason we can't do it for LEGAL reasons! https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-guns-sanctuary/defiant-u-s-sheriffs-push-gun-sanctuaries-imitating-liberals-on-immigration-idUSKCN1QL0ZC?feedType=RSS&feedName=topNews&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+reuters%2FtopNews+(News+%2F+US+%2F+Top+News)
  4. I have a .45ACP 24/7 Long Slide. The lawsuit-recall for mine is for a possible defect for the safety, nothing about "shake-fire" issues. I used snap-caps and tested mine every-which-way I could and it works as it's supposed to. Love the gun, keeping it.
  5. Ronin38

    SCCY- Anyone have one?

    Technically that would be illegal around here, too, but just about every Police Officer around here has done the same thing for a whitetail by the road, so I doubt any of them would actually ticket someone for that. Just be sure to contact the Game Warden promptly, so you can harvest the meat.
  6. It's been awfully quiet lately... News is all focused on other BS. What's going on, or not, down south?
  7. Ronin38

    NFA Engraving.

    Hi All, I have a Kriss Vector SDP and I have my completed Form 1 for it... Any recommendations on where/how to get it engraved? I've checked with my local gunstores, and the one contact one of them had does not have their engraving machine set up in their new shop, after the old one burned down last year. I can't find anyone else yet... What is the consensus to engraving on the polymer? Some folks say that's okay, others say a slot must be cut so it can be engraved on the metal frame underneath. I've also read that it doesn't even need engraved, so long as I'm not trying to sell it. (Which I'm not.) Confustications!
  8. Ronin38

    NFA Engraving.

    I've been told you should leave the original at home in a safe place, and carry a copy with you. Maybe not a "requirement" but makes life easier if anyone should ask. I haven't had mine out as much as I'd like, but haven't been asked so far...
  9. Ronin38

    NFA Engraving.

    I tend to go by post count. Yeah, I'm on the dang computer too much!
  10. Ronin38

    draco ak pistol legal NY?

    Zombie Threads Are Real!
  11. Just a wild guess, Germany? (I don't know...)
  12. Ronin38

    NFA Engraving.

    You might want to go back and read the entire thread again, I had it done 2 1/2 years ago. Welcome to the Forum! 😎
  13. Ronin38

    Gun Safes Review / Q&A

    Well... that sucks.
  14. Ronin38

    Gun Safes Review / Q&A

    Don't you have a backup key to open the safe? I don't have a Cannon, but other electronic safes I've seen all have a key for a backup.
  15. Where were they located that they had to leave?
  16. 1888 is long past, so we should be okay prohibiting these people.
  17. "The Devil you know..." If the high-up Cartel leaders are taken out, others will rush to fill in. It could get very messy, very quickly.
  18. They say that the military is only allowed to provide support for the Border Patrol. (Supplies, equipment... non-combat roles.) If this is true, what happens when the Border Patrol starts getting overrun and/or a shooting war breaks out? I would NOT want to be the first Patrol Officer who has to decide between getting overrun, or shooting the unarmed women and children being pushed to the front.
  19. I saw an interesting news story recently, listing the members of the Invasion as known gang members of MS-13, other South and Central American gangs, ISIS members from all over the place. They claimed it's being funded by Cartels and the President of Venezuela?! 🤔 It is already set up as in Invasion, with the women and children up front where the cameras are, and the rear 2/3's are all males aged 18-30. I believe this is how it will hit our borders, too, with the women and children front and center, and the fighters flanking around the sides. If a barely-trained civilian like me can figure that out, I sure hope our military leaders are already prepared for it!
  20. Two words... Bill Clinton. Still DC's "Golden Boy" party-animal, invited to all the big political gatherings. That's what getting Impeached counts for these days... 😎
  21. Back in the '60's or so my Dad did a similar build with a Springfield 1903A3. He had a heavy barrel put on, a nice Monte-Carlo-style stock, and added a good scope and mounts. He was hoping for a good rifle for whitetail deer, but he preferred stalking rather than sitting. This build came out a bit too heavy for hiking around with, so it became a bench-rest rifle for the range. I'm happy to report it's still pretty accurate today! It's your project. If you have the time and interest, I'd say go for it and make something just for you. 😎
  22. Ronin38

    Carry Belt

    Out of curiosity, do they make a shoulder holster for the Judge? Standard model, 3" bbl.
  23. Well, if you want to carry 6 people *comfortably* on trips, you're down to BIG SUV's or minivans... If you want a good commuter car with decent mileage and AWD for Colorado winters, get a Subaru. I get rid of vehicles when they have +100k miles on them, I don't buy them then!