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  1. I have an o-pap and an n-pap underfolder . both well made ! just shot underfolder yesterday and it shoots well and cheekweld is different. I wrapped a wide (6") ace bandage tight around left truss and wrapped with 33 electrical tape. takes a few seconds to get use to and all is good. the opap cheekweld bothered me and I swapped a m76 buttstock on that rifle. both are fine rifle with nothing to pick at.........................
  2. nope, thats why i went the 54r route
  3. sorry bout that , havent check the thread in a while........................................................
  4. Yes. The furniture I've heard is junk on the newer ones. I'm guessing they are kicking them out while they can. My buttstock was grey and I switched it out. Looks good now.
  5. cleaning out extra stuff and making room ...........may entertain a trade , need .22 ammo and always looking for a new toy left to right ,top to bottom .....all prices are SHIPPED !!!! MAKE OFFERS IF MY PRICES SUCK ........ CROSS POSTED...TIME STAMP GETS IT 1. thermold 7.62x39 47 round mags .....never used these $30 each or both for $50 2. tapco 30 rounders 7.62 X39 ,used and NEVER had any issues with them $25 each or all for $90 shipped 3.saiga factory 7.62X39 mags, NEW $25 each or both for $45 4. fab defense (i think) quick release grip , very slick design , $20 5. tapco tan ak grip $
  6. heres mine, with blonde wood and current tapco wood . this is a good shooter
  7. i had read that before , now im concentrating on a cz58 folder to add to collection
  8. found out the stocks are the same , only difference is gas tube and sights for those who dont know this. the furniture seems too nice to mess with . just a hider for me and leave as-is
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