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  1. I lwould go with 3" BBs or BBBs for geese...I like the black cloud flavor...steel is around 25 to 30 a box depending on brand. Biggest issue you gonna have is choke/barrel length...I run a 28" barrel and extra full choke on my duck gun..let them get close with the s12. Good Luck!
  2. Very sad. True Evil.The target sticks out to me...not just a concert but a country concert. He either has muzzie ties or he is anti Trump..If he was Republican it would have been plastered on fake news for the last 2 days...I find it very interesting that they have said he has hunting and fishing license but have not mentioned voter registration..I find it hard to believe someone with his economic means did not vote. Sometimes its what fake news doesn't report on that gives the best clues...May God bless the victims and thank God for LEO/EMS/FD and all 1st responders.
  3. Who knows...I know as recent as a few years ago, had to replace the mag shell catch on my A391...after 10 yrs of use it was wore down and was doube feeding, they don't have a factory service center state side..Coles gunsmithing is where you have to send it..scatter guns go to Maine location everthing else goes to FL.this was 2 duck seasons ago so may have changed..if it shoots I wouldn't worry about it...They make a great gun. I have used my 391 for just about everything including a paddle...still folds ducks like lawn chairs every time I take it out.
  4. Nice score! I like my storm, 9mm, it was my favorite carbine until I got a USC .45. plus the wife laid claim to the storm...love the fact that my 92 mags fit the storm...come to think of it my 92 had also been claimed by the wife...starting to see a pattern here..
  5. LOL..your assumption that I have a conscience was your 1st mistake. I am sure some of those Russian and Chinese gun/ammo factories are just the model for employee rights...
  6. AAACK!Ultra-Liberal Company warning! Built with slave labor warning! The only good thing about it is the Linux core. Say what you want to about the companies politics but the machines work great...wife wanted a macbook for photo software and what not..got her one in 07..never had an issue out of...damn thing works everytime you go to use it...After 10 years if finally started getting slow...mostly because new OS...got the wife a new macbook pro for Christmas, cleaned up the old one and gave to my oldest son to use for school...I don't agree with the company politics but they build a good ma
  7. POR 15.....just paint right over the rust.If you prep the surface by removing the rust the POR 15 won't stick....just don't get any on you..it has to wear off...
  8. C-L-E-M-S-O-N!....Tide rolled right into a Orange brick wall! Great Game!
  9. In the words of Ron White...."Diamonds that should her shut!" I was in your boat last year...nice job on the purchase!
  10. If my memory servers me right that's about the same SHU as pepper spray? Impressive!
  11. What ever happen to arresting protestors that impede traffice. IMO once you start blocking traffic and disturbing commerce the protest is no longer peaceful...It seems like lately, especially here in Charlotte, protestors have more rights than law abiding citizens.....smh
  12. I didn't realize anyone could survive for months on end with pneumonia. You can't if your actually alive when you get it...
  13. So the POTUS whips up a frenzy with the black lives matter folks and this happens and he wants to blame guns....how convenient for his agenda. SMH God bless all LEO and their families.
  14. She was never going to be charged...at least not on the emails...I think they have a better case against the Clinton foundation and I think the Clinton's know that too...that's why their counsel requested and was approved a 27 month delay on turning over information last week. Today is just the distraction...
  15. Not surprised...she will only be defeated by the ballot box...all you Trump haters better think long and hard about sitting this election out...I am not crazy about him but damn sure beats the alternative. If as many Rs want to stand on there pricipals and not vote like they did in the last election she will be president..
  16. This is just the left slowly ratching up the gun control...if your on the the no fly list, and the watch list I don't think you should be able to buy a gun although I dont support the government being able to take away your constitutional right without notifying said indivdual...the more pressing question is why the hell are these people walking free...if your on the no fly list and the watch list I sure as hell don't want you living next to me..this is part of a larger plan...Fast and furious didn't work so now they want to let whoever into the country and when something like this happens...t
  17. I don't really care who is on the money...with the debt being what it is we can't afford to change the design on the notes...kinda like buying new curtains when you can't afford to pay your mortgage...interested to see what this will cost...doubt it will ever be published.
  18. Just one more step by this administration re-right a history they don't like and change a country they don believe in.1st it was the Confederate flag, then they want to let queers, perverts, and pedophiles in anyone's bathroom....now this. I have had enough of this shit. Wait to they start rolling out the $1000 a gun tax plan one of our terittories just adopted hits the main land it being pushed as the new model... Some of us liked this country just the way it was.
  19. You should have went...you missed out on a good time. I don't think hunting them with dogs wi dent the population but it sure as hell runs them off for a while....I like hunting them with dogs....except in the swamps, not a fan of stepping on gators or hitting a soft spot and floating my hat.
  20. Depends..rutting boars over 300 lbs..my dog won't eat it...40 lb whole roasters and up tp 150 sows cook up well. Depends on what that are eating.
  21. A couple rubber guns for demo purposes/class room instruction. Not toys the rubber training replicas.
  22. You only chew tabbaco on the your left side of you mouth because if you chew on the right you can't get a good check weld and it messes with your aim...
  23. There was a young maid from Madras Who had a magnificent ass; Not rounded and pink, As you probably think - It was grey, had long ears, and ate grass.
  24. I would look for used mini truck..went to an outfitters to hunt quail not too long ago and they had one...those little things will go anywhere.
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