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  1. It runs better the more it runs.
  2. Well, now it runs OK when it runs. The shells now hang up as they are entering the chamber.
  3. It's 5/8' thick, so it can't really be used as a guide to file off the excess threads as in the excellent post of evlblkwpnz. Turns out that a 7/8" ID clamp will fit over the threaded section. Which will allow you to file the rest of the excess threads off. Just need to hold it square.
  4. 12.5" cycles great with high-brass after enlarging three ports. Don't remember how large, exactly. Whatever was recommended here.
  5. The Amazon die won't fit the CSS TAT. The die from CNC Warrior will. It's Polish and is adjustable.
  6. Just to add. CNC Warrior appears to have the correct die in stock.
  7. It worked on a scrap piece of barrel. Sure wasn't pretty.
  8. Greg has ESP. He ships my stuff before I even realize I'm going to need it. I concur. I was surprised when I found the package in the mailbox. The other vendor I ordered from, at about the same time, only shipped today. Nope, no adjustment. Need to find another DIE, in stock, somewhere.
  9. Fit my Amazon bought, Chinese made M22x.75 Die.
  10. Even at 12.5" and with enlarged ports, mine only runs high brass. But it does RUN!
  11. That's just the factory original sight. Do you mean an ultimak rail?
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