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  1. $35 for 100 huh? Do tell!!
  2. Anyone tried both in the saiga? Which one is better/ more accurate?
  3. Cut a peice of firing strip to length and put it inside the mag spring. If it's too thin you could glue two peices together.
  4. Anyone use any of this Pakistani ammo?? AIM has some for 4.50 a box.
  5. Just curious Krinkfreak, I only counted 19 shots... I'm betting they get a lttle stiff towards that 19th and 20th round. Did you happen to notice if you actually got 20 rounds in the mag on your later loadings? BTW I shoot at Spring Valley sometimes too... Maybe I'll see you there sometime. I might have to check out Troy Ohio Fish & Game sometime. Especially if there a little more flexible about rapid fire.
  6. It sounds like it may not be neccesary but there are adjustable scope rings available. Might be easier than shimming for some.
  7. It is alive,...Alive!!! Saiga .308 posts never die!!!
  8. Cool... Glad to hear you gotter fixed.
  9. 15 sure sounds better that 30. Hey Cobra could you post a link for us?
  10. I'd like to use it on my .223 until I get my .308. What are the differences in this scope as compared to the PO 3-9 x 40 that freedomoptics sells for $69?? Obviously the PO is adjustable and the POSP has the AK style mount allready attached. Those differences aside what are the other differences? Is one of these more durable than the other? It seems the PO with the adjustable magnification would be better for long range shots, true?
  11. I don't need anything fancy, just cheap durable and with adjustable magnification. What say ye?
  12. Okay I have a newly aquired saiga .223 today I bought a German Bakelite shown on this page here Of course while I was there I had to get an ammo can filled with 720, 62 grain FMJ rounds, and a battle pack of there S.A. .308 ammo (I don't have a .308 yet ). Aim Surplus is only 20 minutes from my house. Knowing that place is so close could cost me allot of cash!! It seems I saw somewhere that these mags can be made to work with minor mods and a replacement follower. True?? Will I also need a feed ramp?? Any advice would be most welcome. I'm wondering if there might be a cheaper and or
  13. Okay oldfatdad, I mean O.S.O.K. I just got a .223 about 10 days ago and I'm hooked, but I'd like to hear some of the reasons just so I feel better about dropping the coin.
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