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  1. Davis lynch tactical, parrebellum armerment
  2. Congrats!!! Thanks for posting pics. How does the safety work? Keep us updated once you hit the range
  3. I fully expect a range review and pics.... A lot more pics!!! Beautiful rifle , been on my list for a while
  4. Red star arms adjustable trigger, best trigger for akm family hands down. Can be set for single or 2 stage, no creep, extremely crisp, no over travel, tip- adjust where you like it, drop clear fingernail polish over the heads of the adjustment screws
  5. I used a spare and 65 trigger guard, works great AMD 65 ( auto correct)
  6. As pricey as the saigas have became you may want to consider some other options. You can buy a functioning milled receiver AK for around $600 , then dress it up as you like. From a $ stand point it doesn't make much since to buy and convert anymore ( to me anyway) unless your an adimit DIY type of guy. If that's the case though start researching how to build from a kit.Its a fun time, pretty addicting, and there's still some deals to be found. Just my 2 cents. Anyway it goes welcome to your new money pit!!! Lol
  7. I snag em cheaper than that, got a bushnell factory outlet store by me, there all refurbished. Never had any problems with them, but there is something to be said for a company that has so many returns , they can open a store and sell there returns lol, never seen a Nikon outlet lol
  8. My neighbor is from Seattle , after the chiefs beat them he wouldn't answer his door lol!!!
  9. I got in on the pre order of the first run, took 4-5 months to get
  10. I'll second whats been said, if your gonna run magnified optics TWS all the way , unless you wanna run a pistol scope or red dot Ultimak all the way (cheaper)
  11. More fear mongering. Stop watching Alex jones, this shits getting old.
  12. I'd take 3 right off the bat, and a few more down the road
  13. Damn that turned out pretty slick!!! When you get a new pin, it helps if you file a slight bevel around the edge, make sure you give it a good whack to flatten it back out after it's reinstalled
  14. Just got my tags as well, what state you hunting in?
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