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  1. Davis lynch tactical, parrebellum armerment
  2. Congrats!!! Thanks for posting pics. How does the safety work? Keep us updated once you hit the range
  3. I fully expect a range review and pics.... A lot more pics!!! Beautiful rifle , been on my list for a while
  4. Red star arms adjustable trigger, best trigger for akm family hands down. Can be set for single or 2 stage, no creep, extremely crisp, no over travel, tip- adjust where you like it, drop clear fingernail polish over the heads of the adjustment screws
  5. I used a spare and 65 trigger guard, works great AMD 65 ( auto correct)
  6. As pricey as the saigas have became you may want to consider some other options. You can buy a functioning milled receiver AK for around $600 , then dress it up as you like. From a $ stand point it doesn't make much since to buy and convert anymore ( to me anyway) unless your an adimit DIY type of guy. If that's the case though start researching how to build from a kit.Its a fun time, pretty addicting, and there's still some deals to be found. Just my 2 cents. Anyway it goes welcome to your new money pit!!! Lol
  7. I snag em cheaper than that, got a bushnell factory outlet store by me, there all refurbished. Never had any problems with them, but there is something to be said for a company that has so many returns , they can open a store and sell there returns lol, never seen a Nikon outlet lol
  8. My neighbor is from Seattle , after the chiefs beat them he wouldn't answer his door lol!!!
  9. I got in on the pre order of the first run, took 4-5 months to get
  10. I'll second whats been said, if your gonna run magnified optics TWS all the way , unless you wanna run a pistol scope or red dot Ultimak all the way (cheaper)
  11. More fear mongering. Stop watching Alex jones, this shits getting old.
  12. I'd take 3 right off the bat, and a few more down the road
  13. Damn that turned out pretty slick!!! When you get a new pin, it helps if you file a slight bevel around the edge, make sure you give it a good whack to flatten it back out after it's reinstalled
  14. Just got my tags as well, what state you hunting in?
  15. I like the tac47 auto plug ,adjust it once and never worry about changing settings again , high or low brass , doesn't matter
  16. I believe the saiga 12 and saiga 308 have different set ups for the trigger guard, look up the specs for the 12... Might be over thinking it, I slapped an AMD65 trigger guard on my 308 and called it a day
  17. Russia will find a way. Send there rifles to another country for import under a new name, or start selling VEPR and Saiga "kits"
  18. There's plenty of country's that make AKs, learn to build from a flat
  19. 8 Russian company's are done with the U.S. Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh nooooooooooo, what about the other dozen+ country's ? Build from a flat! Fuck "customizing" a saiga
  20. Damn, that's pretty slick , how much was the speed loader
  21. There not magwell friendly (tac47) other wise I'd buy ten of them
  22. I believe it's black thorn that sells the galil safety, then there's some cheep left sided safety but you push forward for safe, and pull it back with your thumb for fire, can't recall who makes it, I think you can find it on snipers hide or ....Googles your friend
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