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  1. Yesterday, I had Stovepipes with my shotgun using 00 Federals. However, it favored the Winchester PDX1 and 1 oz slugs. I noticed that these two had high brass shotshells. Anyone else have the same experience?
  2. If its the size of an M4, the Limbsaver designed for an M4 would work. I did that with my FN Police Tactical Pump.
  3. I was shooting 2 3/4" 00 buck by Federal, Remmington. I had a few Stovepipes. It is not broken in, and it is on gas setting 2. I was using a 5 round, 10 round and 12 round magazine. When I put in Winchester PDX1, it cycled all except the last one in a 10 round magazine. Solutions? I have an eotech 552 that is positioned just over where the ejection port is. Is it possible that the width of the Holosight is keeping a round from ejecting? Here is a video of how my S12 is set up.
  4. It is a first time for me shooting a Saiga 12 let alone an Ak-style long gun. I used a laser bore sighting tool to set my Eotech out to 15 yards. It is spot on, with shooting 00. However, when I try the beaded sights, I end up shooting low. Now it may be all me but I was wondering if I need to adjust something.
  5. I used Federal 00, Remmington 00 Express, and Winchester PDX1, and mine favored the PDX1. I realize it's a hybrid of 00 and slug.
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