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  1. Sorry to necro but I had forgotten about this thread and figured I should update it for future users. The addition of the bullet guide seemed to alleviate all misfeed problems in both USGI aluminum mags and Pmags. I notched the front of the mag adapter to accommodate the bullet guide and haven't had any problems since, about 150-200 rounds later.
  2. It does hit and makes a little tiny gouge on the aluminum mags. What do you mean when the lug slams shut on the polymer, when the bolt hits the locking lug? or when the bolt hilts the follower on the p-mags? And I definitely will update as soon as i install it, dinzag says shipping times is 1-2 weeks so hopefully soon.
  3. I guess it is kind of currently working as one. I just ordered a Danzig arms bullet guide. I do expect to possibly have to trim it back / modify it. I might also have to maybe put a little bevel on that edge of the magazine adapter. Raider929 sounds like he has the same mag adapter as me (I assume) (Texas AK Designs was once MSA). I was thinking it was the bullet making the marks but it may be the case head. I just put a USGI magazine in to illustrate the problem better. It almost seems if the magazines locked up higher into the adapter it would alleviate the problem (although impossible as th
  4. Kind of adding to this thread (found it in a search). I have found that I have 2 different feeding issues with my MSA AR-15 Adapter'd Saiga .223. I had 2 or 3 FTF's today using both P-Mags and USGI's. One of the issues I've had in the past is the bullet gets caught on the front of the USGI mags (does not happen on the p-mags and a few of my USGI's have these marks, others have light marks and others have zero). See Picture below. And one is the rounds get caught on the bottom edge of the barrel, before entering. I am thinking a bullet guide is going to solve this? Opinions? Also, I've noticed
  5. I also had this problem with a EAA Imported Saiga .223. It turned out the receiver was bent unevenly that transferred the crookedness to the trunion, rear sight block, and finally rear sight leaf. Went through hell with EAA and finally got it replaced with a new rifle. Beats putting a band-aid on the problem putting a rpk sight leaf on or moving your front sight way over to one side or the other. Just something else to check, it seems to be a rare problem and I was just unlucky.
  6. No luck on Apex, seems the saiga 223 firing pin is going to be difficult to find.
  7. I bought a spare bolt from K-Var. Looks like they are out of stock, wonder if anywhere else sells just firing pins?
  8. Does anybody have a list going of what parts on a Saiga .223 are interchangeable with on regular AK-47 pattern rifles or ak-74s or even other caliber saigas for that matter. My main question is where can I find a new spring loaded firing pin for my Saiga .223? The ak-74 ones look similar in some ways and appear to be spring loaded as well. but I don't have any solid data or measurements. Not sure what other .223 AKs have interchangeable parts to saiga either. If you have anything to add that is confirmed, I'd like to make a list If we can. Thanks!
  9. The USGI mag fits the adapter, it just doesn't slide in without reefing on it or pressing in the mag release button. If you could exchange this one for a properly anodized one with an action that moves smoothly and more easily and excepts a magazine without problems, I'd appreciate it. PM Sent.
  10. How and when can I get it replaced? It won't accept a magazine without pressing the mag release. The finish acts just like matte black spraypaint, whether it is or isn't. It doesn't wipe off.
  11. Well guys, got my MSA AR-15 magazine adapter Friday. FINALLY. Came with a very poorly done spotty matte black spraypaint job on the body of the adapter. The levers look to be a smooth glossy finish which is showed on the entire unit per the picture on MSA's website. In addition to that, I'm pretty sure it doesn't function properly. The right sight mag release lever is difficult to push in and the action of it is very gritty (I assume due to the paintjob) and the magazine won't go into the adapter without pressing the mag release. Kind of defeats one of the advantages of quick mag changes if
  12. Awesome. Got it back today. 3 weeks from the day they received it. They sent me the same screwed up POS rifle back! THEY DIDN'T FIX A THING! On the "Repair Order" sheet they sent with it it says under Repair/Action Taken: "Checked out. Test Fired Ok, Meets Factory Specs." My god, how bad do these rifles have to be to not meet factory specs, the sight block being 90 degrees off???! I'm furious. What kind of company (importer or not) won't own up to their mistakes. I can understand that they get a lemon in once and a while and yea, they probably aren't going to pay somebody to look at each one t
  13. Sure hope I get mine next week, I ordered mine February 19 and still nothing or any responses to an email.
  14. ALL RIGHTY THEN. Nope, never had the problem. You did mention in the original post that there are no returns and USSG customer service sucks. . . Since you have no interest in trying to figure it out your self and don't want any help I'd say you are USSG customer service does suck. USSG/EAA is the importer, not the dealer I purchased the rifle from, as mentioned in the first post. I bought the rifle from a dealer and their policy is a no return policy on firearms. USSG/EAA offers a one year from day of purchase manufacturer defect, workmanship, blah blah warranty and they will rep
  15. I'm not sure if you read my first post but....I'm stating facts about my rifle and what is wrong with it, not asking for a diagnosis. The receiver bends have EVERYTHING to do with the trunnion placement and because the trunnion is angled, the rear sight block is angled, and due to the rear sight block being angled, the rear sight leaf is of course, angled. I was just asking if anyone else had a rifle with this issue and if anyone has ever dealt with EAA/USSG Inc. on this issue specifically. Thanks.
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