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  1. I do have a few promags. Haven't had any fail me yet. They are a bit weaker than other polymer mags. Before I even took them to the range, I took them apart and coated the inside of the body, followers, and springs with some Remington DriLube (kind of a teflon coating). No failures yet and they have at least 1000 + rounds through them. With that said, they are not my preferred mags, but have taken my abuse thus far.
  2. Ordered a Saiga 308. It has arrived at my FFL. Just need to pick it up.
  3. I ordered on Jan 21st. A few days later it showed K-Var website the rifle I was buying as sold out. This worried me a bit and hoped that their website was reflecting realtime stock. Finally got notice the other day that my order shipped with a UPS tracking number. K-Var is really swamped, but they have been holding good to their word. They have been trying to keep customers up to date on their facebook page. My only concern is that I would have liked some kind of confirmation that they did receive my FFL information to have let me know that they had all the info they needed (maybe set up
  4. Gotta give Uinta Industries. http://uintaindustries.com/ an A+++ for customer service. I bought a 3 pack of their mags after reading this thread. Order was shipped out the very next day and arrived within 2 days of the order. Later, had a slight problem with an item and sent them an email to them around 9 pm at night. To my surprise, they responded within 5 mins and shipped out a requested item the very next morning. Great service at a time when parts, ammo, and firearms are in huge demand. Mags work very well and solidly built. Looking forward to trying cssspecs mags as well when th
  5. Great communication from Brian with all the surge in demand for parts. Made my 308 conversion easy and painless.
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