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  1. Is there anyway to modify the drums so they can take the other ammo? I have a crap load of wolf and noble sport and they won't fit.
  2. Selling my SIG SAUER VERTICAL GRIP LIGHT & STL-100 TACTICAL FLASHLIGHT WITH CASE. Works great, just missing the upper cross bolt screw. Asking $120 Shipped. Comes with an extra pack of batteries.
  3. Updated pic. I need a shorter flash light for the foregrip.
  4. Folding Vertical Grip -$15.00 Saiga-12 Steel Vented Gas Tube Cover - $15.00 Saiga-12 Tapco Intrafuse Tri-Rail Forearm - $15.00 Tapco Intrafuse Vertical Grip - $15.00
  5. That is the method i used when i installed one on my S12. I'll have to try it.
  6. Thats the problem i'm having right now. Trying to get the spring back in. I cannot find and videos on it.
  7. Here is an updated picture of mine. I just installed the Chaos extended forearm.
  8. Updated pic. Raptor stock, gas tube cover, extended mag release.
  9. Here is a picture of my Saiga-12. Did the conversion myself, very easy and fun. Everything purchased at Carolina Shooters Supply. Here is what is done to it so far: KVAR Original AK Style Stock Complete Trigger Conversion Kit SAIGA INTRAFUSE TRI-RAIL- BLACK VERTICAL GRIP- TAPCO SHORT INTRAFUSE BLACK CHARGING HANDLE-TROMIX EXTENDED BOLT ON HANDLE
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