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    Graphic Design, Building Cars, Autocross, Road-Racing, Disc Golf, and generally just blowing shit up.
  1. Nothing special really, just the Russian folding stock and a bunch of Izhmash mags. I actually sold this Saiga and looking forward to picking up a new on here soon before the democrats blow up the universe. Sorry this really the only decent picture I have of my old S12.
  2. I keep a Mossberg 500 "persuader" for home defense. One can be easily purchased in a pistol grip format for just under $300. Save up for the Saiga though, as soon as Obama's ban comes on we'll all be labeled "terrorists".
  3. I'm still trying to make a drum for my romanian 5.56mm SAR-3. It's an almost impossible dream.
  4. To achieve the results you desire, you may which to develop a stronger sense of grammar an punctuation. So, by the third time they've read your nonsensical parade of words, they actually understand what you were trying to say in the first place.
  5. I'm not sure what are you talking about. While I do support harder penalties for murder, that doesn't help prevention. They could honestly make any murder offense an automatic death sentence and that still would of not prevented what happened in Utah. The armed assailant throws their life away well before they ever put their plan into motion and there is very little anyone can do to prevent someone repeating what happened there. Politicians like to believe that the only way to prevent these incidents is to get the assault weapons from private citizens. Never going to happen, not in our lifetim
  6. again... heres to hoping... Hey Indy, you might want to run a spell check through that next time. Not trying to be a dick. Cheers.
  7. That is a good point. I suppose it would be smart to plan on a no-rescue situation. Basically someone hit the restart button on life, but you skipped right ahead to the part with the big guns.
  8. The trick is staying secluded enough to provide protection while at the same time achieving enough exposure for proper rescue and/or backup. No matter the quantity, ammo never last forever. Water can be improvised, food hunted for, but when the smokes are gone, all hell breaks loose.
  9. I remember the last time I shot a DE50. The skin missing on my thumb knuckle remembers too. Howitzer in a holster.
  10. Nail on the head. SHTF for me? -SAR-3 (5.56mm) -Mossberg 500 20"(12 Gauge) -Sig P229R (9mm) -LaRue battleknife -Tapco vest w/ extra ammo leg pouches -3-Point slings -Hatchet -Boots -Camelbak hydration system -Handheld GPS w/ extra double AA's -Smokes and finally -A plan. This plan is flexible from natural disasters, invasion, to zombies.
  11. Brutal. I thought about using the ol' dremel, however, I already have four SAR mag's for it. I'd probably just botch it anyway. I was really just looking for some more options for mags. Two I've got are pretty much garbage and the other two are german steel mags, which are about par for the course. Just looking for pipe dream solutions. The ability to use an AR drum would be choice.
  12. I have a Romanian SAR-3 that as I'm sure most of you know, is a nightmare to find magazines for. I was curious though, if it would overly complicated to convert a AR or AK drum to work on the SAR body. The AR magazine body is roughly the same size and shape it's just how it latches. The AK is substantially larger than the SAR's. For a frame of reference, even the AK-101 magazines do not fit even though they are the same caliber. Thoughts?
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