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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIoPjfLnEFY&sns=fb I've Watched this a few times. Checking validity now but wanted to post the link before it mysteriously disappears off of youtube. I suggest downloading it just in case it is taken down. That way you can repost it if need be.
  2. Does anyone know if a Tapco AK47/74 piston will fit in a Vepr .308 that doesn't have integrated sights? If not does anyone know who makes one that will? I'm trying to make it 922r compliant without changing out the factory stock. Thanks
  3. Figured I should probably update this. The Saiga showed up at my FFL in late March so the back order took about four months. They billed me $50 more than the advertised price so I called them up and they refunded the $50 because I wasn't informed of the price increase. I ordered another rifle from them that was on back order after purchasing the Saiga and it showed up in less than a week. Looks like it's luck of the draw on back orders from Centerfire but I like them and will continue purchasing from them.
  4. Free conversion, heck yeah! Tac47 rocks! For the Fourth of July we took our daughter to her very first fireworks show, it was awesome.
  5. They always seem pissy when I call so I was trying to avoid it. I made the order online and gave them all the credit card info so they should just have to charge it. It's been two months since I ordered it, just curious on how long people have had to wait before. Maybe I'll call tomorrow, hopefully they'll be in a good mood because it's Friday.
  6. I ordered a Iz109 from Centerfire Systems before Christmas but haven't heard anything back from them. On their website it just says "order confirmed". Does anyone know how long the backorder might take?
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