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  1. replace the saige sling mount with a standard sling stud.
  2. i have the walmart one as well and so far its worked great. the only problem is if you try and mount to the front sling point, the mounting screw will hit the gas block. i had to trim the bolt down and use JB weld to make sure everything stays tight.
  3. yea im aware of his work, and i would LOVE to have him make me a set, but he seems to have a hell of a waiting list. plus it is a little expensive.
  4. the shooters ridge brand from walmart are pretty good too, but you have to replace the stock sling stud. and i had to do a little grinding and rigging on an aftermarket stud to get it to stay in tight.
  5. for the stock pieces ? it would be great for those of us who actually prefer the original stock over a pistol grip. it seems simple enough ??
  6. Very SOCOM M1A like. VERY-NIIICE! Being from California, I can't do too much to my Saiga (that I just ordered, in 10 day wait now) except what you have here. I like it, can you tell me where you got all these parts , Scope and mount, etc. the scope is a bushnell multi-reticle red/green dot, mount is the low rise BP-02, and the bi-pod is from walmart. handguard is self vented.
  7. perhapse i shall paint up a test piece with the krylon fushion and see how it reacts to other gun cleaners and such.
  8. i can understand wanting a paint that can stand up to solvents and such, but this is an ak. my cleaning is done with nothing more than a little CLP, a boresnake, and an old dry paintbrush. Are people really using other chemicals so heavily that getting them on the stock set is that big of a problem ?
  9. just finished painting mine. used a few coats of the krylon camo with fushion, followed by 2 coats of clear.
  10. does anyone else have trouble oredering from the AIM website ? I have been trying to order a case of thier golden tiger but i keep getting an error saying that my computer will not allow thier cookie. anyone else have this problem ? or does anyone know where else i can get golden tiger for about 170 shipped ?
  11. heres some ideas. i think the small triangle in the front left of the shirt, and either the saiga or cana arcoss the back shoulders (jersey style) would look awesome. or the small saiga in front with a large triangle on the back made out of 7.62 shells.
  12. heres a cheap idea, but its what i used when i had a high mount. i used a piece of black foam pipe insulation. i used 2 small strips of adhesive velcro to keep it in place. it doesnt look "tactical" but it works.
  13. i thought it might be, but it does look cool. i'll deffinatly be ordering some of the hybrid stickers pretty soon.
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