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  1. Personally, I will not carry a 1911 (varient) or CZ or any gun that has external safeties or grip safeties... I carry a Glock every day because it does NOT have all that stuff to get in your way when you really need it. A glock WILL NOT go off unless you pull the trigger.... I feel 100% secure with a loaded glock in a holster. Just my personal opinion: Best safety you have in between your ears, follow the basic NRA rules of firearm handling, and you should be fine.
  2. I would have to see the video, but I can almost guarantee you that if a .45 ACP stopped the momentum of a moving person, it was fake.... The phyisics just do not support this. Remember, the amount of energy being transfered is the same as the energy you feel against your hand when you shoot the gun... did it knock you over when you shot it? How about even move you back a little? (if it did, you need to work on your stance!) Then it won't knock them over when they get hit... the bullet does not pick up energy as it goes through the air. The only way that would happen is if you hit th
  3. Hmmm.... I handgun of any caliber (excluding the .500 S&W possibly) does NOT have the power to stop a running man in it's track. As a matter of fact, it wouldn't even knock a person standing still down unless they are off balance and going to fall anyhow, or got hit in the head and were killed immediately. I would like to see this video, but I believe that "knockdown" power is a myth... and the physics of it side with me. The most common cause of death from a pistol of any caliber is bleeding to death. Lost of statistics out there that back this up, I forget the name, but there is
  4. I agree that the G20 would be a better choice against a Grizzly... but let's face it... 99% of the world doesn't have to deal with that problem, and even with Mike McNetts most powerful 10mm loads (all other commercial ammo is weak in comparison... most 10mm loads out there are just slightly warmer than .40 S&W), against a Grizzly, you are woefully unprepared. A .500 S&W Magnum might be a better choice, and prey that you hit with the first round, because follow up shots are a b*tch! A better choice would be a rifle of some sort... a .308 would be nice, but a .300 Win Mag woul
  5. Not to be picky, but they don't make "high capacity" magazines for the G36... they only make 6 round magazines for that particular pistol.... But, I am all for anybody getting a Glock!!
  6. Yes, that is a very fair deal. The B says that it is pretty old (assuming 3 characters), but no problem for a Glock. If you want to go .45 ACP, get the G30 instead... 11 rounds, can use the 13 round G21 magazines. It is bigger, granted...
  7. Blue Ridge Arsenal in Chantilly, VA had a couple last time I was there... they seem to be very interested in the Saiga 12... might want to call and ask them about it... http://www.blueridgearsenal.com/
  8. That is a very very good deal for one with night sights... here is some quesitons, though... 1. What model .40 S&W is it? There are several... G22 (full sized) G23 (Compact) G27 (Sub compact) and G35 (Practical / Tactical ... long slide) and Glock 24 (Long Slide, very limited in the US)... 2. What is the serial number? If it begins with and "E" (like EABxxx), then it could have a frame recall... either way, that is only a minor inconvenience, as Glock will repair it for free... just is a bummer to get a gun and immediately have to send it to Glock to have it fixed... if it is an
  9. I would probably make the G20 your SECOND Glock, only because ammo availability and price are a bit of a deterent... don't get me wrong, I LOVE my G20, but because of the above, it is limited to a range toy and hunting.... I don't shoot it as much as I shoot my other Glocks... Trust me, once you have one Glock, if you like it, you will have more! BUT... saying that... if you want one CDNN (http://www.cdnninvestments.com - download thier catalog, they should be in there as well as several other inexpensive .40 S&W Glocks) has police trade in 10mm Glocks for $389.00 shipped!! You ne
  10. Glocks have either Hexagonal or Octagonal barrels... the .45 ACP, because of how big it is, benefited from and octagonal barrel, where as the smaller rounds did just fine with the hexagonal barrels. Here is some information on it: http://www.glockfaq.com/barrel.htm It is SIMILAR to the polygonal H&K barrel, but slightly different. Here is a quote from an article about Glock barrels: "Glock's hammer-forged barrels are also innovative. Called "hexagonal," the rifling lies somewhere between conventional land and groove and H&K's "polygonal" bores. The rifling's hexagonal
  11. Used Glocks are fine... with a little research on the web you can become quite the Glock Armorer... I have purchased a couple of used Glocks (one that is 14 years old, all original parts) all I had to replace was the recoil spring assembly... still shoots great. It is my G20 (10mm), its a tac driver!!
  12. I deal with Marines that are going over to Iraq or Afganastan... I am a civilian but do some work for Quantico, and thus can occasionally train with them. I will be the FIRST TO SAY I know NOTHING about being deployed, or what you are allowed or not allowed to bring, but talking with 3 young men that are going to the sharp end in the next couple of months, they told me it was a Court martial offense to bring over any non-issued weapons. Most of them were trying to find a way to dump the crappy Berettas they were issued for something better, and were told no way... I have no idea if thi
  13. Lucky you... I still have slide lock problems with mine... I just took an all weekend long advanced defensive handgun class this weekend. We fired about 1000 rounds this weekend, in the dirt, mud, etc. withouth cleaning. Out of all the makes of pistols there (Kimber, H&K, Taurus, Colt, Beretta, etc.), only 2 of us didn't have malfunctions... out of 25 people, only 2 of us didn't have ONE malfunction all weekend.... what were we shooting? I was shooting a Glock 21 (.45 ACP) and he was shooing a Glock 19 (9mm)... I love my Kimber... I just don't have the time right now to make i
  14. As I am sure you already know, the G33 doesn't shoot your typical .357 round... it is a .357 "Sig" round... basically a .40 S&W case necked down to a 9mm bullet... They TRY to get the same ballistics as a 125 grain .357 Magnum, and they come close... I think some rounds might be dead on or a little better... I would seriously rent one if you can and shoot it... it is loud and has a sharp recoil compared to a 9mm or a .40 S&W... I shoot about 1500 rounds of .45 ACP a month, in practice, training and competition, and I was a bit put off by the .357 noise and recoil... but your mi
  15. Both are nothing more than toys.. the Five seveN is a neat little idea, but the supersonic pistol round will be very difficult to find and God have mercy on your soul if you actually have ot use it for personal defense. I have not fired one, but have a good friend that has (trainer for a police department) and said that it was quite managable. But, think about it... you would have a very serioius problem with over penetration, and for personal defense, this is just a silly gun. But, for a toy, if you are rich, why not. The Desert Eagle is a joke. I have shot them, and they are nothing
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