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  1. I see alot of threads of how to get your gas block off but not too many about getting it on.Well this is how I did it and it went on like butter no fighting it and did it myself.First I took some 2000 grit sand paper and polished the barrel where the gas block sits took a 2x4 about 20 inches and made a 1 inch hole in it. . (like shown).Then I took the gas block and made a hook out of a wire hanger and put it in the oven at 300 for about 30 minutes ( Make sure you preheat the oven first before you put the gas block in to bake) Take it out with an oven mitt. Put some oil on the barrel take the piece of 2x4 Take a real nice pillow off your wifes couch and put it on the floor.put the backside down and barrel up slide the block down the barrel get it aligned slide your 2x4 over the barrel and put pressure on one side while you tap on the otherside watch it as you tap down to align the gas tube and there it is like butter
  2. polished the bolt ported out the gas ports and gas tube CSS trigger guard and trigger welded old trigger hole closed as well as the rivet holes welded on rear truion block dhp skeleton stock and ace folding mech. utc quad rail and truglo cheap ass scope Gun cote od green and matte black tapco od green saw grip The Krebs Custom AK selector lever (safety)only scratches one line on the side of your gun instead of two lines like stock one css barrel shroud
  3. Pay someone 30 dollars to do it for you it is worth it the block with lock tite will still loosin up when you go shooting bring an allen wrench
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