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  1. Hi Guys: I'm going to be getting a heavy barrel made chambered for .308 Winchester for a custom build using a McMillan A-4 stock. I'll be firing Federal GMM 168 gr. SMKs through it. I've always assumed a 1:10 twist rate is needed. However, I've noticed both C&H and GA Precision make M-40 clones with barrels that have a 1:12 twist rate. My question is why the difference? Am I correct in thinking that a 1:12 twist rate is better for heavier bullets? Would 1:12 be better for 168 gr. SMK bullets? I will not be firing any bullets lighter than 168 gr. in this barrel. I just don't want to spend $$$ on a barrel and have an incorrect twist rate for my ammo. Thanks guys. :-)
  2. Well ... I'm on the fence again because the guy who wrote this article built an M-40A3 replica using a Shilen barrel with a 1:10 twist. He got really good groups with it at 100 yds. However, I'm wanting something that's capable of 1,000 yds. whenever I find a big enough range. I don't doubt a .308 cartridge can go that far, it's my own skill that needs to be developed. Anyway ... enjoy this article guys: https://rifleshooter.com/2016/01/building-a-usmc-m40a3-cloning-the-marine-corps-sniper-rifle-from-1999-2009/
  3. So ... it's ok if your shots don't go through the same hole after spending $$$$$ on a custom build including trueing the bolt, bedding, and pillars? Whew! I'm glad to hear that. I'll take my therapist's phone number off of speed dial.
  4. I suppose I'll go with 1:12 since that's what the Corps apparently uses (or used). Like I said above, I noticed both C&H and GA Precision use Schneider barrels with 1:12 twist. To be specific, these are M-40A3 replicas I'm referring to. A gentleman had a GA Precision M-40A3 at my range a couple of summers ago. He graciously let me fire a three shot group. It was first time I'd ever clover-leafed. Of course, it helped having a 16x scope too. As I recall, heavier bullets need a slower twist.
  5. Thanks guys. You've all been a big help. I basically just need to get a barrel and the stock. Then I'm off to my gunsmith to have the action trued.
  6. I'm trying to make a rifle that's capable of 1,000 yd. shots. That's beyond my capability at the moment only because I don't know where a 1,000 yd. range exists. I want it to definitely be good for 500 - 700 yards. Will get a 20 moa scope base. Probably a fixed SWFA 16x scope.
  7. I'd like to add that the left has stoked A LOT of ethnocentrism. Best example is the whole immigration issue. I don't know how to explain it, but all these issues we're discussing here are going to blow-up in the lefts' face one of these days. We're the ones who'll have to clean it all up.
  8. Just my two cents worth: "Bvamp" mentions P.C. Well ... my theory is our society ... or the West in general .... is paying for the nutty ideas of the political left AND the emasculation of our society in which males are so often held in contempt now. It's like a form of racism is being aimed at guys for imaginary reasons which somehow become dogma anyway. As I recall, much of this began to gain steam during the first Clinton term with the imposition and mainstreaming of P.C. which itself is rooted in communistic ideology. The left always tries to give something a nicer name. Add to this how American churches (whether liberal or conservative) tend to have feminine cultures (even if there is a male pastor) that cater to women, and the left's appeal to maternal instinct, and it's a recipe for problems. I'd like to share how I am tired of "Progressive Auto Insurance " commercials that feature beta-male guys, and moments like how one of the last Star Wars movies featured Laura Dern as some "I know better than you" character. The last Star Wars films are the result of beta-males and women being in charge. Sad ... really sad what they did. I am not an Alpha-male/Special Operations kind of guy. However, I (and thousands of other men) am tired of society-wide themes of contempt, criticism, invalidation, marginalization, and suspicion of men - especially white men. I am convinced we are seeing the liberal left do to our society what my emotionally abusive mother did to me. The only difference is scale. A demand for power rooted in insecurity is at issue. Basically, the left is projecting its collective insecurity onto society. Men are the target and being forced to pay for the left's self-loathing. As for this forum's audience, I am deeply concerned by the thought that today's society could not win W.W.II like the Greatest Generation did. We had a more masculine/traditional society then. It wasn't perfect, but it had the foundation that was needed to win a two-front war. This trend of praising & uplifting all things feminine, producing beta-males, and stigmatizing all things masculine must stop. The political left is much like a woman, and its chronic, narcissistic need for affirmation is costing our country dearly. Basically, President Trump is hated by the left because he is masculine and isn't going to tolerate the left's crap. He's a "bump" in the road of emasculating our country. I am not against women achieving things and having power like Margaret Thatcher because she was cognitively masculine. I am against women achieving things and having power like Billary or A.O.C. because are they narcissistic and project their issues onto the rest of the whole country. It boils down to those in society who are "feminine" against those who are "masculine." I'm afraid (and I admit this is a fear of mine) that things will reach a point where eventually those on the conservative right are going to have to "bitch slap" the left one day in order to restore normalcy. How that will happen is up to speculation. I've noticed a tendency in the left/women to let power go to their heads. Enough is enough. Meanwhile ... more and more guys are getting robbed of any affirmation they deserve & need as males because of the left's twisting of society and marginalization of men. We must start producing real men again (not just sources of paychecks) or else society will fall. And that is the plan: bring down the west by emasculating society. So ... I blame the political left's paradigms and programs for a lot of these shootings because of what they're doing to boys & men in our society. It's like a dysfunctional family where mommy demands power no matter how much it hurts her son because her antics squelches his growth. The democrats keep demanding more & more power. Something's gotta give. Unfortunately, it did break this weekend in the minds of two guys. I'm not excusing their actions, but the liberal left needs to take a collective look in the mirror. I hope this makes sense.
  9. Hi guys: My Rem 700 short-action receiver has arrived. I've heard a lot about blueprinting and trueing a receiver. Based on comments here and reading I've done, I get the impression that blueprinting and trueing the bolt & receiver are two different operations. Am I correct in thinking truing is more important than blueprinting? Trueing the bolt and receiver is where some accuracy is ensured because this is where you're squaring things? I just want to make sure. I admit I want to save some money. Blueprinting sounds more cosmetic and redundant - not necessary. Trueing must be done since this is a stock Remington receiver. Should a gunsmith have my receiver with him when I get a barrel contoured & chambered to ensure the barrel and receiver are squared to each other too, or can they just be screwed together later? Thanks guys. I really want to do things properly to ensure a good shooting rifle. All I know to do after this is to get a gunstock, have it inletted, and then glass bed the action. Pillars will come with my bottom metal (a Badger M5 style clone).
  10. Hello Folks: In a previous post, I announced I am getting components to build a bolt-action .308 rifle using McMillan's A-4 gunstock. My question is once I get all the parts, what operations need to be done by a gunsmith to ensure fit and accuracy? I know one needs to test the chamber with go/no-go gauges. I've heard of trueing/blueprinting a receiver. Are these synonymous terms or are they different operations? Is it really necessary? I intend to do a glass bedding job to. What exactly gets bedded? Just the receiver? I assume with a free-floating barrel you don't glass bed the barrel. I've also heard of pillaring. What does that involve? My bottom metal will come with two pillars and screws for fitting it under the receiver. Is that what folks are referring to when they "pillar" a rifle? Should both glass bedding and pillaring be done to enhance accuracy? Anything else? I just don't want to leave out anything and have my gunsmith assume I didn't want something done because I didn't know to request it, and go to the range and have disappointing accuracy after spending lots of $$$ on a rifle build. Thanks guys.
  11. Hey Guys: Just wanted to share I've "pulled the trigger" on my first gun project - a .308 rifle. So far I've ordered a Remington 700 short action receiver that I'll get trued/blueprinted, a Badger recoil lug, a Timney 510 trigger, and a clone of the Badger M5 bottom metal made by PT&G in Oregon. I'll eventually get a heavy barrel from someone (can't decide yet), TPS scope base & rings, and a McMillan A-4 gunstock. My intention is to build an M-40ish rifle that closely resembles the M-40A3. I'm not going for 100% authenticity. For example, I'll use a conventional scope mount set-up. The main thing is the McMillan stock. Per an earlier post of mine, folks suggested a chrome/moly barrel will last a bit longer than a stainless steel barrel. So far, that narrows my choice to a Shilen barrel. They offer chrome/moly barrels. I like their #7 heavy varmint contour. Everyone else seems to only make stainless steel barrels. Anyway ... it's a fun project so far and I enjoy learning things as I go. I don't need this rifle. I simply want the knowledge & experience. Most importantly, however, it's good to have a really cool rifle at the gun range. It doesn't matter how well it shoots. It just has to look really cool. (joking)
  12. I've heard about Antifa going nuts again in Portland, Oregon. I know a few retired F.B.I. guys up there. They're not to be messed with. Sounds like the mayor sympathizes a lot with the extreme left. Having once lived in the Seattle area, it doesn't surprise me. I remember a T.V. news report about a skater dude kid breaking his leg while goofing around on the water fountains at Key Arena. They're on a timer. Dumb kid lost track of the timing, got thrown up into the air, and broke his leg on the way down. The gist of the report was city council was considering closing the Key Arena fountains because they're a public health hazard. Really?!!! I wonder what happened to that kid. Maybe he's one the Antifa folks now - same mentality.
  13. Re: Patriot's "Grunge are you kidding?" I should've specified bands like Heart. I think Jimmy Hendrix came from the Seattle area too. Could be wrong.
  14. My conclusion of the region is more psychological or sociological: too much rain, not enough sun, VERY low cloud ceiling most of the year. Yes ... spring and summer can be beautiful up there, but usually the weather is depressing and the suicide rates are higher up there. Having it become completely dark by 4:30PM during the fall/winter months was interesting too. I recall thinking Boeing could increase productivity, morale, workforce retention, and profits if they simply moved to a state with sunnier weather and a better tax environment. They'd have better flying conditions and a happier work force. The weather really does contribute to the culture up there in the rainy northwest. My sister was convinced I had seasonal affective disorder when I was there. One better have an indoor hobby. As an aside, seeing big cedar and fir trees bend almost 45-degrees during a wind storm was scary. But they sure have had some great bands come from up there.
  15. Hi guys: I have an SWFA fixed 12x scope. It has 1/10 mil adjustments. I'm going to sight-in at 100 yards. My question is how many clicks are there for an inch at 100 yds. with this scope? The target has a 1" square grid pattern. Is the answer simply 10 clicks? If I'm an inch to the left of the bulls eye, do I simply click 10 times to the right? Just making sure. I don't want to waste ammo. Thanks.
  16. Yeah ... gotta get what I can afford. I have a Caldwell vise too. Ready to go.
  17. Hi Guys: I'm "pulling the trigger" on a project I want to pursue. I want to build an M-40ish clone in .308 Winchester using McMillan's A-4 stock. I'm not aiming for an exact reproduction like G.A. Precision makes, but something more "benchrest" in nature with a bull barrel that has a target crown. I'm going to have to simply buy one component at a time as I can afford them. I will first get a plain Remington 700 SA .308 receiver. It comes with their adjustable X Mark Pro trigger which I assume is Remington's answer to Savage's AccuTrigger. My question is does this trigger really need to be replaced with a Timney trigger? I know folks love Timneys, but not having to get one will save a lot of money. Should I get a stainless steel barrel or a chrome/moly barrel? Seems like everyone like gets an SS barrel. I just want to have components with a matte black finish. Per an earlier post of mine, someone recommended keeping this "BDL" in nature. Will a BDL conversion kit from Brownell's suffice? Also, is there a certain kind of barrel lug you might recommend? I've visited Brownell's and they have a plethora of Rem 700 barrel lugs. I have no idea if one is better than a stock Remington 700 lug. Most sure cost a lot more though. How do you choose? My initial goal is to get the receiver, lug, and barrel first. I'll get the stock later and whatever bottom metal later. I assume McMillan will need to know what kind of components you have in order to properly inlet a stock. Thanks guys.
  18. I wrote to SWFA about this too. They responded with a chart that shows 1 mil is 3.6" at 100 yards. Therefore, 1/10 mil is .36" This basically means 3 clicks will move 1". ( 3 x .36" = 1.08")
  19. Well .... I'd at least like to know how to get one of these periscopes. I had no idea the Germans are still using what's essentially an MG-42. I noticed they're even changing barrels the same way. It's a great gun, but I'm glad I'm not on the receiving end of one of these. Does anyone know the caliber? Are they using 7.62 NATO? Something about this gun makes me respect German engineering.
  20. Hi all: I just watched a video explaining how the waves of "immigrants" are organized by folks in Chicago and they're funded by George Soros. Big surprise. They're hardcore communist/marxist/socialist folks. The waves are a tactic to purposely overwhelm and subvert things. The question came to my mind "what's the deal with Chicago?!" Not being from that region of the nation, you'll have to please forgive my ignorance about why Chicago politics are the way they are. There just seems to be something about Chicago that is perfect for producing these "organizers", Obama, Bob Ayers, the gangsters, all the corruption, and the "God damn America" Jeremiah Wrights of the world. However, I do get the impression that rural Illinois is cool like most rural areas everywhere else. Seems like Chicago is to Illinois what Austin is to Texas - only much, much worse. I once asked a talk show host (Michael Medved) live on the air if he agrees with mine and my friends' sentiment that the "Chicago Way" is not the American way (as evidenced by Obama at the time). He essentially agreed and he spoke about problems spawned by all the corruption in Chicago. People and events seem to confirm my thought. Something has to give folks. I don't know what, but I keep thinking the left coast, Chicago, and the northeast can't keep being the way they are, and keep pushing their problems onto the rest of the nation. I'm not advocating anything. I am simply worried and deeply concerned. Why? It just seems like the left always acts in a short-sighted manner without consideration for downstream consequences. As for me, I don't like the fact I can't afford more "toys" at the moment. Maybe I should start a go-fund-me page!
  21. P.S.: I got to fire a GA Precision M-40A3 last summer. I clover-leafed for the first time with that rifle. Federal GMM .308 168 gr. rounds were fired and a 16x scope was mounted on it. Great rifle.
  22. Yeah ... if it isn't broken, don't fix it.
  23. Sure fires fast. Maybe Brownell's will make a repro!
  24. I lived near Seattle for a couple of years. Thought I was in a foreign country sometimes.
  25. Hi guys: I've learned more terminology. Per a previous post, I've been wondering about custom barrels. One specific question I have is what determines the barrel shank's length (chamber end)? I've seen some barrel profiles with it at 3". Others at 5". Does it matter? Thanks!