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  1. I liked my Saiga 223, it was accurate and reliable. But, finding mags for it was somewhat difficult and expensive when you did find them. I had planned to make modifications like replacing the stock with a tactical one, adding a bullet guide, having a flash hider added, etc, but all that was going to be very costly so I said, the heck with it. I traded it even up for a Glock 21 (45 ACP), w/3 13 round mags and one 26 round mag.
  2. Promag AK223 mags work great with the Saiga, but are even flimsier than the Tapcos. The front locking tab is the weak point on these. Don't even bother with the Saiga-specific versions - the built in bullet guide will snap off immediately. I've heard both good and bad reviews of the Pro Mag. I also heard Pro Mag corrected the problem they were having with their Saiga 223 and they're much better now.
  3. How much would it cost to convert my Saiga 223 to accept AR 15 magazines? My rifle is stock, I've made no changes to it. What other changes would I have to make to make it 922r compliant and what would the total cost be?
  4. I've heard that AK 74 magazines work very well in the Saiga 223 rifle, is this true? I'm also hearing there is an adaptor for using AR 15 magazines as well. Is the adaptor easy to install? Is one better than the other or do they both work well?
  5. Anyone have any SAIGA 223 10 round magazines for sale?
  6. I've tightened the screws as tight as I possibly can but the mount still fits loose.
  7. I bought a UTG #973, Model 47 Double Rail Side Mount for my Saiga .223. The problem is it fits loose and won't tighten down and fit snug. After I tighten the 3 screws the mount remains as loose as it was when I slid it on the adapter on the rifle. There is only one way I can see of sliding the side mount onto the adapter. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Like I said, I used a steady rest and took my time, I credit the rifle for the great accuracy because I'm not a crackshot by any means.
  9. I'm new here so if this topic has been posted before please forgive me for the re-post. My question is, what modifications need to be done to use AR 15 magazines with my Saiga .223?
  10. I got my new Saiga .223. I got the 20 inch barrel instead of the 16. I've put 65 rounds through it using 3 different brands of ammo, PMC 55 grain fmj, American Eagle 55 grain fmj, and Silver Bear 62 grain jhp, all three performed flawlessly, no jams, no misfires, no stove pipes, no ftf. At 100 yards using iron sights I was pleasently surprised at the accuracy of the rifle, I kid you not, using a steady rest I was shooting 1/2 groups! With a good scope this will be a great coyote killer!! I really like my new Saiga .223!!!
  11. It's my understanding that dent casings aren't really an issue unless you reload, it's not going to damage your rifle.
  12. I'm considering a Saiga .223 for coyote hunting. What kind of accuracy can I expect with the 16 inch barrel at shots out to 200 yards?
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