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  1. In my opinion the problems of NYS and many other opressive localities are traceable back to revolutionary and civil war times. During the Revolution NYC was a Tory stronghold and the people liked a strong central government that will make decisions for people. Still does today. Many regions of the South like Tennessee have always had an independent streak and reflected in the far more lax gun restrictions. NY was never friendly to full auto or supressors or DDs. Actually don't think .50 BMGs are legal, nor the ammo. Come 01/15/14 you won't be able to order any anyway.
  2. Update: received a case of this ammo and did the same checks. Still appears to be 8M3.
  3. Like a previous poster noted, my $$ won't be missed, so I'm not going to give it to them no matter what gun I use. What if I am a veteran from the side that won? They're in this country too. I've yet to see anyone with the balls to try to tell someone with the bonafides they're banned from using the weapons they used against US troops forty years ago. An easy fix would be a discrimination suit but that's the world you people made here.
  4. I for one am not a fan of the pump shotgun for untrained shooters. It is an illusion to believe the shot spread is a substitute for skill. A pump shotgun is a two hand affair and it is known to have short-stroking issues under stress even with trained personnel. Just try reloading one quickly. A Saiga 12 for HD? With a proper class and regular practice in shooting and reloading, it's no worse than any other longarm AFAIK. A revolver is a lot more forgiving and combined with some flashlight technique is as good as it gets.
  5. What are you waiting for? Those 500 or so rounds won't last long. Standing on line to get more will be quite problematic once the walking dead start heading towards the gun shop!
  6. Wally world ammo has caused me more problems than mag issues. The dual purpose #6? Even on setting 2 the bolt won't cycle. Estate reduced recoil buckshot runs fine for me. Who sells it now?
  7. I'd go for an OEM screw in rather than an installation, myself.
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