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  1. BBQ_Pork

    S308 felt recoil

    You can always use something like this: http://www.cheaperth...t/2-MAKSBTK47FK (under a hundred bucks, soaks a little recoil, has a compartment for spare batteries for your optic) Compared to my .308 hunting rifle (a lever action savage with plain wood stock and a steel buttplate), my Saiga (with a muzzle brake, not break!) and this stock is a dream to shoot.
  2. BBQ_Pork

    Loving my 308

    I'm also loving my converted .308 Saiga. I was lucky enough to get to take it to the range today. It felt really good to put pinkie-diameter holes through 3/8" steel. There's no way I would consider my AR-15 for my MBR at this point.
  3. BBQ_Pork

    "Traditional" Handguard

    The Tapco handguard that Cheaper Than Dirt has does show that it has rails on the sides and bottom, but they are not part of the actual handguard, but they are attached seperately. If you want a US made part that's roughly the same shape as the original, and doesn't have rails, this is a cheap and easy way to get there. It will not be mistaken for the original, but it's in the ballpark for basic shape and size.
  4. BBQ_Pork

    Introduction and a few questions

    Oh, here's what I went with for a buttstock. http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/ItemDetail.aspx?sku=2MAKSBTK47FK
  5. BBQ_Pork

    Chest Rigs

    As man purses go, that is a very manly one, so no complaints here.
  6. BBQ_Pork

    Introduction and a few questions

    1+2) I went with CSS only, so I can't say about the other. 3) Went with the cheapo from Cheaper than Dirt. It has the option of attaching the three included rails on the bottom of sides, or you can leave them off. 4) I went with a Texas Weapons Systems rail. Love it.
  7. BBQ_Pork

    .308 Mag Pouches

    Hi there! I have a number of ProMag magazines. The floorplate is 1 & 1/2 inches by 3 & 3/8 inches, the body is 1 & 1/8th by 3& 1/8th inches, with an overall length of 8 &1/4th inches. What magazine pouches would work for this, preferably in conjunction with an Army surplus LBE belt? Editted, rather than add another post to add: I solved my problem. The AK-47 Magazine Pouch German Rain Camo Pattern pouches from CTD at $3 each? While they are built to hold 4 AK mags, they will hold 3 of these ProMags and with a couple of alice clips will attach to a LBE belt. Additional edit: Where the 24rd ProMags were a bear, two 20rd SGM mags will fit fairly well in a M16 mag pouch.
  8. BBQ_Pork

    Texas Weapons Systems on a Saiga 100

    I love my TWS setup. Just need a riser rail. My red-dot fits, but only if I don't expect the flip-up scope covers to ever flip down again. Definately worth it though.
  9. BBQ_Pork

    Need some input from hunters

    Sounds like you're good then. You're knowledgable about the regs and have a totally legal setup in a Saiga with a 5rd mag. My only misgiving is the trigger. I didn't like my Saiga's stock trigger, but I'm going to be converting it to a more AK setup anyway, so I don't mind the part I'm not keeping. A little work on it may be desirable if you're staying in stock configuration. Oh, and good luck on your hunt!
  10. BBQ_Pork

    Need some input from hunters

    I don't know about your area, but in Oregon: "Semiautomatic rifles with a magazine capacity greater than 5 cartridges prohibited (except western gray squirrel) Military or full-metal jacket bullets in original or altered form prohibited." (Source: 2012 Oregon Big Game Regulations, pg.30) Sir, I suggest that you head to your local sporting goods store. They probably have free copies of the regulation books. Otherwise check with the local "department of fish, fur and feathers". The rules in your area may be different, but the Saiga should be fine with a 5 round magazine. Mine came with a factory 8-round though. To legally use it for hunting in Oregon, I would have to put a little wooden block or something inside the magazine between the floorplate and the follower. That's easily enough done, I suppose, but if questioned by a Fish and Wildlife guy, you might have to prove that the magazine is plugged, and not have any higher capacity magazines on you or with you. Sure, I don't see why not.On the bright side, if you're turned off by this proposition, compare the price of Saiga to other .308 Autoloaders like the M1A, AR-10, HK-91, etc. For the price of one of those, you can buy a Saiga AND a used bolt action rifle with a little left over for ammo and such.
  11. BBQ_Pork

    Inexpensive Stocks and Conversion

    Here's what i'm looking at: http://www.cheaperthandirt.net/AKS161-6.html Mako brand "recoil-absorbing" shock for AK rifles. Any opinions?
  12. BBQ_Pork

    SGM 308 bolt on muzzle brake now available $169.95

    Great. I'm looking for a muzzle brake solution and this could save me some time and money over the alternative.
  13. BBQ_Pork

    FSB moved back up against the gas block?

    Try this thread: http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/67879-my-308-build-low-tech-highly-functional/ Or the tacked "Pictures" thread at the top of the forum (pg.21 has one)
  14. BBQ_Pork

    Muzzle Brake: possible DIY?

    So, I just bought a Saiga 308 and have conversion plans. One of these is to have a competent gunsmith move the front sight post rearward, merging it with the gas tube / gas block (you know what I mean). Then, I could thread the barrel and tap a piece to make a muzzle brake, saving some dough. (Every dollar not spent on stuff I can do myself is another dollar for ammo and such) Questions. If I build a muzzle brake, which is better suited for my goal (reducing recoil) A---) Perforated with holes. (like a sprinkler head) B---) Slots (AR-15 "bird cage" style) C---) Holes drilled at a rearward angle. Also, keeping in mind that the bullet must not physically impact the brake, which is better: 1) The internal diameter of the brake be slightly more than the ID of the barrel, so the gasses are more affected by the brake before venting straight forward. This would be harder to fabricate, but doable. The brake would act similar to a threaded couple with a pipe nipple inside it, merging the barrel and the nipple as like a barrel extension. 2) The ID of the brake is roughly the outside of the barrel. Far easier to fabricate.
  15. BBQ_Pork

    Make An Argument for .308 or x39

    I'm voting .308 Here's some trivia for you: Both 10 rounds of .308 (150gr) and 21 rounds of .223 (62gr) weigh about 8 and 5/8 oz. Not sure about 7.62x39.