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  1. Would be VERY interested in a trade for an AK-74(preferably not a Century build). Want a gun with no issues, no hang ups and no key-holing. Something as good to go as my .308. I value my set up at around $750.00, so would like a gun nearly equal in value, or possibly with mags, ammo, accessories, etc. making up the price difference. Can meet up in North-Central and North-East Florida if anyone's in the area.
  2. I have a great Yugo underfolder. Standard Century model parkerized with black polymer furniture, Red Star Arms retainer plate, slightly corroded piston(as many Yugo's have), slant muzzle brake. I've put around 300 rounds through it with no problems. Great gun overall. Looking to trade for another AK-47(WASR, etc.) but with a standard combloc metal wire side-folding stock. Just want something that runs fine with no issues, no canted sights, detachable non-welded muzzle brake/flash hider and minimal mag wobble, prefer Romy wood pistol-style foregrip, but not a big deal if plain wood or polymer.
  3. Will consider various trades for this or trade plus cash to make up the difference. Make me an offer. -Calen
  4. Yes there's a siderail, the stock is a 6-point adjustable tapco. -Calen
  5. 3-Unita u308 20 round Saiga mags for sale, brand new. $28.00(shipped) apiece. Or all 3 shipped for $75.00. Regards, Calen Smith
  6. Saiga .308, lightly used, well cared for. Adjustable stock, Tapco G2 trigger, Krebs retainer plate, 2-25 round surefire mags and 1-10 round factory mag. $800.00 shipped. Regards, Calen Smith
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