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    I work in the movie biz as a grip and precision driving stuntman. I am also an arena rigger and certified arborist, basically a professional climber.
  1. Here's a pic to show the difference of the s-12 versus the 308 hanguard just so ya can see it. The 308 is longer and a new hole would need to be drilled in it to accomodate the difference at the least.
  2. I have a nice set of 308 wood i'd sell. Pm me.
  3. Been I long time since I posted up in here, good to see some of the old crew is still around. Just finished converting my old 308 that I have had in stock wood for years, figgered it was time for a change and some decent trigger feel... and for giggles here's the old shotgun in some veru early BRG3 wood... Big thanks to Greg for all his super quick shipping and patience with my questions.
  4. uhhh.....I want! How much and when is it available? I just ordered a doo dad from you today and would have put that forearm in my cart had I seen THAT. EDIT> Ooops, just saw it on yer front page. Very nice. Order placed.
  5. I'm allergic to alcohol, I break out in handcuffs. Some recent me-ness, been flooding here in Tejas... How ya'll been?
  6. The first 4 pics are a semi secret location and a rare occurrence, that kind of heavy water only happens every few years or so when a particular lake overflows its banks. The place is called Mexican Creek and it is near you, Shane, but on private and sensitive property. At least Class 4+, the first two drops could be solid Class 5. The last two pics are of Teardrop Falls on Onion Creek up here in Austin.
  7. Sorry dudes but I got priorities. Been having the best whitewater of the last decade. I'll get back to blowing shit up later... Ya gotta look real close but ya can just see a paddle in all the evil. Once again, look real close and you'll see my paddle, to be truthful, my ass was handed to me on this one.. Me post beat down... Hope ya'll are well. Water is still high here so I got shit to do, plus I am Best Boy on Friday Night Lights and we be filming season two, busy as a chihauha at a petting zoo. Just stopped by to say howdy. ya'll keep rockin it!
  8. I want that HG but I am financially incapacitated until next week, damn entertainment biz. I'll check with ya then.
  9. I have a black plastic s-12 handguard if that is what you are looking for. PM me.
  10. THAT is a plain ole M-14 in a Navy SEAL developed SAGE Enhanced Battle Rifle chassis. Mechanically beds the action. 308 round. I have two barrel lengths, 18" and 22". I prefer the 22" for the "Ultimate Rifle". I can shoot the nuts offa gnat at 500 yards with this sucker, if I only had a decent receiver.
  11. Very interested in the sporter thumbhole for unconverted 308, but you know that already.
  12. This here.... unfortunately it is in pieces. I'm digging my Saiga 308 actually.
  13. I use what Pointer did. I think they were 5 bucks. Love it.
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