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  1. I am looking to thread the front of my Saiga 7.62X39 with the standard Russian Left Hand 14:1 threads. To that end I want to rent or purchase the tool and barrel guide. Thanks! DrDyno@gmail.com
  2. Just cruisin' by this morning and found this thread. Checked out the Dublin system and thought their Gen II Ambi Charging System was BRILLIANT! ...something old Mikhail Timofeyevich should have thought of. I don't shoot my Saiga often enough to justify the cost but, given a choice at the time of purchase, this is easily the better option! BRILLIANT... just BRILLIANT!
  3. Thanks, Dolomite! Been into AK's for some time and never knew this resource existed. PARTS ON ORDER... THANKS!!
  4. I should think $20.00 shipped for a clean dust cover would be reasonable.
  5. Hi All, Last year I completed a little project to JB Weld a rail to the top of my gas tube. A lot of you thought it a fools errand but it turned out pretty good and is still rock solid. Here's how it looks with my old BSA RD30 Red Dot on it: (I made sure I had a spare gas tube before I got started in case the nay sayers were correct.) At this point I would like to add a a full length rail to the top of my receiver dust cover. And, again, I want a spare in case I screw up. Do any of you have a spare dust cover you'd be willing to part with in support of this project? I'd b
  6. I already have a rail on my gas tube. Will the rear section be offered by itself? If so, approximate price? Thanks!
  7. Hi All, I have been contemplating threading the barrel on my 7.62 for a Muzzle Brake. However, in an AR forum I frequent, several members have tested accuracy with an array of barrel accessories. To a man, they report that the addition of any front-end accessory hinders accuracy. Many of them have removed the stock A2 brake in favor of a simple thread protector. What say you?
  8. Got the part, today, AJ... perfect condition, just as you said!~ Many thanks!! John G. St. Petersburg, FL
  9. John, I PM'd you with PP info. As soon as I receive it I'll send it out and shoot you the tracking number. Thanks, AJ AJ, I did not receive your PM. Please send PP info to: DrDyno@gmail.com Many thanks!
  10. I'll take the rifle "New Condition" Trigger Guard/Plate Assembly - $15.00 AJ, I responded to your PM.
  11. I am in the process of converting my Century converted AK back to a Saiga Sporter Rifle. I am looking to purchase a pre-conversion Trigger Guard and pre-conversion Trigger Assembly Bottom Plate. There are a number of YouTube videos on the conversion but none I can find on reversing the process. Any suggestions (like, for instance, where to find or what to use in place of the various rivets, etc.) will be greatly appreciated!
  12. Hi All, I am looking to reverse my Century Saiga conversion from the AK configuration back to a Saiga Sporter Rifle. Anyone know where I can find an original Trigger Guard and Rear Trigger Bottom Plate? Many thanks in advance!
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  14. According to the NRA-ILA, Feinstein plans to introduce her weapons ban bill on January 22nd. Click on the link to read its proposals... http://www.nraila.org/legislation/federal-legislation/2013/feinstein%27s-new-gun-ban-bill-likely-to-be-introduced-january-22.aspx
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