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  1. Thank you. So Saiga magazines are essentially "taller" than regular AK magazines. Makes sense now. I read somewhere else that if you want to continue using "standard" Saiga magazines after intalling the shim.you need to mod the front of the mag to be shorter!
  2. So there seems to be quite a bit of confusion on this matter, even on this board. To summarize, if you use any magazine larger than 10 rounds, and you have not done some major work (essentially a full conversion + some oher stuff) on your Saiga "sport" gun, you are in violation of 922R, regardless of the source of the extra large magazine. An excellent explanation (should be MUST reading for alll Saiga owners) can be found here: http://home.comcast..../home/922r.html I ordered a set of 4 Bulgarian 30 round magazines "just to have" for $60, but unless I do a full conversion, I gues
  3. This is why I am confused. Look at this page (it seems to be a recommended agazine) http://www.mississip...zine-p-140.html They say that If I use a 30 round magazine, I have to change something else to keep the gun legal. But here I am being told that using an 'import' magazine over 10 rounds makes the gun illegal. But the 30 round magazine listed above is made in America. I'm I just having an elderly moment here that I don't understand this?
  4. That makes sense... but wouln't putting the spacer in then be a modification that would make the gun legally non-conformant?
  5. Here is what I don't understand. What is the difference between a Saiga magazine and a regular AK-47 magazine that makes it necessary to install the extra guide plate in the receiver, in order for ammo to load reliably. I'm not asking what the difference is in the gun, I'm asking what the difference is in the magazine itself. Is there a mod that can be done to the magazine that does not require modding the gun?
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