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  1. i'm assuming you have to apply for your SBR prior to purchasing these?
  2. I could program a bolt or bolt carrier on a 5 axis easily.... I thought that not too many would want barrels as much as tr internals. I really need to get busy with this as I have been through top gun CNC machining academy...Question is where would I get startup money What's a lower handguard retainer with a rail look like?
  3. I have a degree in CNC machining. What would the market be like if I machined barrels for the saiga 12?
  4. Thanks for posting, Jack.
  5. Does anyone know if the bumpski will fit a DIY trigger job?
  6. hey buddy do you have the DIY trigger guard??!?! and if so howd you make it fit with the bumpski? I have a bumpski but its on my ak.
  7. Does it require you to file down the sights or remove them in anyway?
  8. The drums plus the no mag mods are important to me.
  9. Does anyone know when this new awesome Magwell will be out that requires no magazine modification? I will buy it immediately.
  10. Makc, don't worry about the hater lithium. He seems like a troll. I love this place and understand donations. I want to donate. I'll find the link on here I'm sure it's somewhere. Lithium you're being more than rude. I'm used to crappy sites like buckeye firearm forum
  11. I'm wondering is there anywhere else cheaper?? I'm looking to buy in bulk.
  12. Guys I went to aimsurplus a month ago and saw cheap drums but wanted to wait until i had money enough to buy 5 at once. Now I go there today and also here and find out someone's posted about it and now theyre all sold out!! Oh well! Shoulda jumped on it earlier. So Now where can I buy up a bunch of cheap stick mags. Only 10rd-12rds please. I'll also consider drums if you guys know where those are at for cheap. I prefer sgm tactical.
  13. the fact that we are cow towing to their bullshit is ridiculous. one day theyll go too far. who will bow down to that?
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