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  1. If you need any help at all, just ask. If you need any help at all, just ask. http://www.brownells.com/.aspx/pid=42683/Product/AK-47-74-MAGAZINE-CATCH I was planning on just picking this up and installing it. I don't see how it take more than an hour.
  2. I filed my mag catch down way to much the other day. The AK mags fit well but wobble a little, plan is to just buy a standard AK mag catch and replace it.
  3. Thanks for the links, Sorry for the wasted thread.
  4. To have to be filed to fit? I ordered a flat bullet guide from CSS and it is slightly larger than the flat stepdown on the turrnion.
  5. I'm honestly new to guns i'm 18 and my 7.62 saiga is my first gun purchase, i had no idea that ACOG scopes cost that much, sorry. lol
  6. Check out calegalmags.com best website to get mags in cali by far.
  7. If I relocate to a rural area where 200+ yard shots will be taken normally a POSP sounds like it would be my best choice. What Specific ACOG / reddot scope would you recommend? Could you post a link, I don't want to spend more than $250.
  8. Also would you recommend using a reflex sight?
  9. What optic would you recommend on your 7.62x39 Saiga that is going to be used primarily for a SHTF situation and self defense? I'm trying to decide between a PK-A, Kobra, and POPS. I want to use the side rail. Also, i live in a suburban town between the inner-city and rural towns, if that helps at all. I would prefer to use a Russian optic since it's a Russian rifle.
  10. Thanks for your help I appreciate it. I purchased the bullet guide from C.S.S. After more research it looks like a very easy conversion and am going to do the ak47 mag conversion myself.
  11. Looking for someone to convert my Saiga to accept standard AK47 mags, I do not want to ship it anywhere. I want to have detachable mags so i'm going to keep the sporter stock. Can anyone tell me if this is a legal california conversion? Is it also legal if I use my pre-ban AK47 30round mags with the the Saiga?
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