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  1. Hello, I recently removed the FSB, GB, and RSB from my Saiga 74 barrel. I have a few minor dings, scrapes and pull marks on the barrel. Just wondering if anyone have had this affect longer range accuracy - 400m+. Pictures to come. EDIT: I cant load pictures from Photobucket. Any help?
  2. 6. Ruger 10/22 take off stock and barrel new never fired threw asking 70 for both shipped Seconds.
  3. Hello, I am an experienced reloader but am new to reloading 12 guage. I have a dillion at home and absolutly love the money I save on shooting. Since the 12 gauge is expensive to shoot, I am looking into alternative ways to make slugs for my Saiga 12. 1) Whats the best way to reload slugs? 2) Where can I get some mold sets for slugs or 00-000-0000buck shot? 3) I heard you can melt down birdshot and use this for the molds; true or false? 4) Any other info/links? Thanks.
  4. They had them in for about a day and sold out. You are correct. They sold them in a day.
  5. I have everything that you need. PM sent.
  6. Neat fact Elliot. I would go ahead with a saiga but don't feel like dealing with all the BS just to add a flash hider. Do they or don't the saigas come ready to mount a flash hider? Thanks for all the replys.
  7. Okay so the VEPR is out of the picture due to slant cut. Correct me if I'm wrong but a saiga does not have a fsb for a muzzle break or the threading? $350 for a saiga isint bad but for $800 I could get two polish under folders for the price of the arsenal.. Input?
  8. The VEPR sounds like an option. It's gonna be between this and doing the Saiga conversion.
  9. Whats the major differences between these rifles? I was leaning towards the Saiga 7.62 and I could slowly piece together this rifle as funds became available. I think I will have to thread the end of the barrel? Pros and cons of each rifle in one easy to read thread will be awesome. Thanks for helping me make a decision.
  10. Thanks for the replys and other options. Im actually second guessing the VFG because I installed my x300 on the left side rail and the operation of the x300 works well with the thumb.
  11. If im allowed to sugest outside sites. google: carolinashooterssupply.com Go to video's. They have a whole section (5 videos) on how to completly convert your saiga. At least look into this before you give up/proceed further.
  12. I have heard the best reviews about these and heard the stubby vfg are less likely to break. I am running a flashlight and feel as though it would be more easy to operate a light from the vfg position.
  13. I have heard some users say that magpul's have broken in two shots.
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