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  1. I've bought buttloads of firearm related stuff off Amazon, this is probably just some idiot that all of a sudden couldn't buy "how to make bombs" books on there so started this BS.
  2. I've seen several postings coming up on forums about it, but like most ammo hereabouts I haven't seen it...
  3. This is where I'm at with a tool that I make. While two other makers came up with similar designs that wouldn't have violated a patent if I had one, they are behind the curve and I'm determined to keep them there. Right now I'm concentrating on niche sales and getting into larger suppliers, already did the ebay sale thing to determine regions to concentrate on, now I'm looking at several local manufacturers to produce these while I develop more products.
  4. My father-in-law was an engineer for Lockheed in CA at the time of the Challenger explosion, worked in the "blue building" at the Santa Clara facility. He was immediately shipped out to help with the investigation, as part of his work was the wiring and electrical systems. We had a chunk of the insulation that covers the outside of the shuttle, that was amazing stuff. He heated it up with torch till it was red hot then tossed it at me. Not thinking, I caught it...in the time it took to "fly" the 5-6 feet between us it was room temp. Shoulda snagged it when I left the wife but was about the far
  5. He's in southern Missouri, he's aiming at the black bear that's about to jump on his ass out of the next tree over... saw a video on youtube two guys took while up in a tree stand, black bear rumbling around on the ground below. All of sudden that joker is UP the tree PAST them and is hanging about four feet above them! He finally slides down past them onto the ground, then all of a sudden a MUCH bigger blacky comes running out of the woods and they run like hell, the big one right on the tail of the smaller one. Man, I'd need clean underwear for sure after that@!
  6. I clean stuff with Dawn, hot water then a good wipe down with lint-free paper towels and 90% rubbing alcohol. I wear nytril gloves when I powder coat stuff, been three years now without a problem on any of the tools, motorcycle and car parts and misc metal stuff that I've coated.
  7. AIM has about the best price on the 440 round spam cans, usually it's SGammo but they sell out pretty fast here lately. Classic's offering at $120 per is the highest I've ever seen by the crate, probably a sign of things to come. Those of you who have a Fleet Farm or a Dunhams near you, check them out they still regularly have them on sale for $80 for the 91/30's. If you've never shot one, make damn sure you wear at LEAST muffs, double protection is even better. This ammo was made for machine guns and you get about a 4' fireball out of them, I've actually set the grass on fire from mine la
  8. My wallyworld had about 30 boxes of x39 Tulammo on the shelf today so I got my three boxes, paid with my Paypal business account debit card...bought rope, and five jars of vaseline...they can make what they want out of that.
  9. three boxes of Tulammo x39 at my Walmart today, they had about 30 boxes on the shelf but sales limited to three per day.
  10. Never had any problems at all dealing with Classic, glad to see it was a "golem in the gears". I bought my first Mosin from them a couple years ago and it was in better shape than what they'd lead me to believe on the posting, last year I got in on the Saigas right before they dried up from them at $319, shipping for the Mosin was $22 back then, and shipping on the Saiga was I believe $26. Both were shipped fast IMHO.
  11. Mine bought my first Mosin after I got my C&R FFL, brought home an Armscor M1600 .22 semi for my birthday that she bought from a friend of ours at work, paid for my CCW class and permit for an anniversary present, and wants me to hurry up and fix the Spanish .32 that I bought with a broken firing pin so she can shoot it. Picked up my Norinco Hawk HD 12 gauge shotgun on the 23rd, brought it in and unboxed it. She hefted it up and said "I know it'll kick like hell but I can't wait to shoot it...at least once!" I picked a good one this time around for sure...
  12. Yesterday picked up my IAC Hawk 12 gauge shotty, 300 rounds of 6 shot, 100 rounds of slugs, 80 rounds of Fiocchi low-recoil 00 buck, 5 pounds of Pyrodex ffg, four boxes of Blazer brass 9mm FMJ, recoil spring for an Eibar Echasa GZ .32 that I'm working the bugs out of and a slip on recoil pad for the shotty.
  13. Wore many hats during my 53 years, tried out a lot of different vocations and never did find one that I really liked till I went to work for a Dept. of Defense program rebuilding the AGT 1500 diesel turbine engines. I spent a number of years as the Q.A. Inspector over the Final Assembly and Packing department as well as Tech writer for the program. Boss hired me because I have a couple of novels and wanted someone to rewrite and upgrade the tech manuals for the program and didn't know that writing fiction and technical work share little to nothing in common. Stayed there and in the National Gu
  14. You know what you have if you have chili with no beans in it? Spaghetti sauce...
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