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  1. Finally took a decent picture of this thing, added a cheapo tac light, all done now.
  2. Update. Polished bolt carrier, TWS rail, Kel-tech SU-16B sight, UTG recoil pad + barrel clamp rail, and the Eotech 552. Still trying to decide on a weapon light, but it's pretty much done now Kinda meh lighting, my iPhone decided to finally use flash on the last picture... What true love looks like:
  3. Just ordered both my TWS dogleg rail and the Kel-tec SU16B-365 sight as well. It will probably be a while til I can get any info out since shipping is up to 4 weeks apparently on the rail due to high demand, but I'll make sure to add in my 2 cents once I get everything all set. Heck, maybe by then I'll even have my Eotech 552 to throw into the mix Honestly, $25 shipped for a peep sight with adjustment vs. a $40 peep sight with no adjustment (not including shipping AFAIK since the rail didn't include shipping either), it's kind of a no brainer...
  4. Now there's some advice I can take and run with. Thanks RR! I just don't have the cash to do Aimpoints & Eotechs lol
  5. Whoa. That looks amazing, and IMO it's hard to make an AK bullpup design look good... WAAAAANT!
  6. Dude you're killing me!!! the Aimpoint T1 is the ULTIMATE red dot for any AK/AR or any other rifle, shotgun, pistol you'd ever want to use. Batteries arent heavy! specially the flat types that go in the T1...carry an extra one! Are you saying that an Aimpoint sight is worth more than your life? You should never put a price on your life bro! I have T1 aimpoints on 2 of my AK's and a Comp M3 on my AR. If the utter and total reliability of the AP's can be trusted with my life/training in its hands, then why worry about cost...save your money, buy it once, have it for life!!! I also agree with
  7. Yeah I can see that, however the PK-01 is like... $250 whereas the T1 is double that and then some lol. I suppose ridiculously long battery life can justify the extra cash spent for most guys, especially since you can't go wrong with an aimpoint, but I can't quite get up that far just for a sight right now. Not now anyways, I'd love to be able to pick up a nice aimpoint or even an eotech... are there any decent alternatives that aren't quite as expensive?
  8. I've been looking for a while at getting a PK-01V. I'm still messing with the idea and probably will for a while until I finally decide to say "screw it, I'm buying it", but it looks like it takes 2 AAA batteries, has 150ish hrs of battery life, and you can co-witness. Anyone have any experience with these? I figure if I have something battery powered and SHTF, at least it uses AAAs and not some tiny little watch battery.
  9. Also agree ^ I've got both, and love both. They're absolute tanks and will serve you well. I'm a little bit better with the SKS just cause I've had a lot more practice with it, but I prefer my Saiga because the length is more comfortable to me...that and it's an AK I've got a Yugo SKS, but I've been searching all over the place in my area for one of those paratroopers... waaaaant! I tried to go the whole Tapco 20rd mag route with my Yugo, but having that mag in was... different... it didn't feel as smooth when it fired, and I had some minor feeding issues here and there, so I went back to
  10. The bullet guide was never installed crooked, off center or anything, it looks just fine, so I guess it just had enough excess material on the end to piss me off. Thanks, I'll give the chamfers on the edge a try! And it's kind of funny, but AIM says that those mags are European. Most guys think they're Chinese mags made with Chinese machinery somewhere in Europe or something lol no one seems to be sure except by their appearance. Here's the link to those mags http://www.aimsurplus.com/product.aspx?item=MAK47E30&name=Surplus+European+Steel+AK47+7.62x39+30rd+Magazines&groupid=15
  11. Chevy - I'll post a few pics further down, thanks. And no, I said I ordered the bullet guide from Carolina Shooter Supply, but it very well could use the chamfers at the edge like G O B said. When it's got "too many" rounds in the magazine, the bullet that is supposed to load instead winds up directly hitting the bullet guide and getting stuck. It looked like the top round sat too low instead of too high... and I don't have any up and down mag wobble issues so..... yeah. That never happens with 22ish rounds or less, just when the magazine is full or close to it. Here's the mag, I only orde
  12. Will do, I'll take a pic here in a second. The thing is, it WORKS JUST FINE with 20 ish rounds in the magazine, no jams, feeding issues, nothing. I assumed it was weak springs or at least something to do with the magazine because of this. Let me put it this way, I couldn't get it to feed correctly, so I began taking one round out at a time and tested it each time. I eventually got it to work with 8 rounds taken out, leaving 22 left in the magazine. Worked just fine thereafter. Okay here's a pic of my bullet guide. As far as I know it looks just fine to me, like I said, it works fine with l
  13. No its not that they are preventing me from loading more, its that if I have all 30 in the magazine it fails to feed every time, getting caught up on the guide, but if I take out somewhere around 8 or more rounds out of the mag everything feeds properly, which makes me believe that it's the magazine's spring, not the bullet guide... and no, FMJ, some sort of surplus yugoslavian military rounds.
  14. Hey all, Just joined recently, finally finished up my 7.62 conversion, took it out to shoot it and had some feeding issues where the tip of the bullet would get caught up on the bullet guide. With a couple minutes of troubleshooting, figured out the springs in both of my magazines are too weak to completely fill up with rounds, so they are more like 20rders instead of 30s... they're the cheap steel surplus mags from AIM surplus. Maybe that's what I get for spending $10 per steel magazine, but I did some research before buying them and everyone seemed to think they were decent. Anyways, I'd
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