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  1. I like the policy too, except when I'm the asshole trying to buy 10 boxes. You have nothing to worry about then. Buying 10 boxes doesn't make you an asshole. Buying 150 and reselling them at double price does. Especially if you do it week after week. I bought 500 boxes off the internet a few weeks back (ALL FOR ME ......unless it comes down to helping supply my brothers in arms when the time comes).......no resale here....what does that make me? paranoid
  2. i might get flak for saying im a registered democrat, but it is true. Although Im very torn. I would say i hate democrats and republicans about equally. Dear Mr. Wyden I would like to first say I am a registered Democrat. I am a union member with the IBEW and generally agree with democrats on most issues. Gun control is not one of them. I own several firearms, including an ar-15, among others. I use my ar-15 for long range target shooting and varmint hunting. Most of the gun control bills I see being proposed, I feel are the wrong direction. Things like magazine restrictions, f
  3. You argue that large arms aren't neccassary to defend ourselves, but they are our constitutional right under the second ammendment. I know if a cargo ship full of a million chinese soldiers unloaded tomorrow i would like to have a fighter jet parked in my driveway. You say i could illegally add machine guns to my home built tank, but why should it be illegal? It is my god given right and protected by the bill of rights. I should be able to fire self guided missiles from my rooftop if i think that is what it takes to protect my family. Most people would agree that this isn't true even if t
  4. sadly the video is too long for people that aren't serious about the topic. None of my friends would watch that video because they don't care that much about the topic
  5. i think if this all blows over and stuff goes back to normal, i think im gonna buy a dozen or so ar lowers. Seems like something you coulnd't lose on if prices were back to normal. Worst case scenario is you sell them for what you paid for them, best case scenario is you get 5x what you paid during the next scare
  6. these assualt trains just doing what they were designed to do, killing
  7. @8:10 "gun violence is the most expensive gun violence there is" i know what she meant, but it still sounded dumb I hate gun debates because anti gun people always have the same tired arguments. "Guns kill people, blah blah blah." There are arguments to be had but they dwell over the same crap arguments. Here is what i would have asked the NRA: 1. The 2nd ammendment was designed with intent of a private militia. So private citizens could defend ourselves against our government or invasion. It was not designed for sporting purposes. Its intent was for american citize
  8. i was just wondering if Feinsteins AWB were to get passed, how would this affect people that have built AKs from flats, or AR's from 80% receivers. A couple of reasons i ask this. FIrst, "the man" would have no way of identifing when the build took place. You could in theory do an 80% build after AWB passed and they would have no way of proving when it was built. Second reason, Feinsteins proposed bill wants everyone to register their guns. Would you be able to register a home built rifle?
  9. factory unconverted seem to be going for about 700ish right now. How much are converted ones going for?
  10. ban is coming.......... The real question, will they try to take existing guns away? I doub it. Will they try to take existing magazines away? Its possible. That would really piss people off. I know people with hundreds of magazines. Magazines that the feds would expect them to just hand over. i know i wouldn't get rid of mine
  11. im wondering about this topic too. Not that i have an s12. But everyone seems to be out of AR15 mags and ak mags and hi cap glock mags.
  12. i disagree with your odds. While you say your odds of .00001% "aren't totally accurate" i don't think you put it at over 1%. I on the other put it at at least 50% that we will see an extended shtf scenario. Im not talking about natural disasters, or nuclear meltdowns, or ww3. Im talking about the dollar crashing and hyper inflation. I don't see the dollar making a recovery. Once the euro goes, the dollar will more than likely follow. I don't prep for it like some people do, but i have a few thousand dollars in silver, a safe full of guns, way more ammo than i need, and a tote in my gar
  13. i don't think its really been answered. Are we talking about shit hits the fan like zombies are busting in or having to defend from crack heads/urban survival. Or are we talking about going out in the woods and setting up a camp and trying to survive urban survival would probably be a saiga 12 with a military grade red dot. I can't think of too many better guns at close range to seriously F some stuff up rural survival...... im thinking something like a remington 700
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