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    indiana home of the new saiga's
  1. i was wanting to get a MD drum and missed the first run. anyone have one for sale? email me if you do! thanks Grimus
  2. well got to test fire the Wraithmaker drum! i went on the trip down south and meet up with the guys from Alliance Machine. the drum is extremely built well and cycles nice. man we shot alot of rounds that day! Alliance Machine was real nice to let me shoot all them rounds up $$$$ i got to take my drum home saturday and i put about 400 rounds back in the drum and shot it at home to show everybody. i'm going to put away my street sweeper now and play with the Wraithmaker more. my street sweeper was beat bad by the Wraithmaker drum at the gun range. the saiga is alot faster! there was a video of
  3. could be a indiana guy like me maybe. only 120 miles from me they are!
  4. i did no reply back!
  5. anyone know how long it will be until they will send them out? just wanted to know if any others know something about the release on the drums?
  6. man good luck! i can't get one for a s12.(just one)
  7. please can anyone please sale me a 10 round mag for my s12? just one apg mag that's all thanks Grimus
  8. i'm going to knob creek in ky this weekend saturday. i'm wanting to buy a 10 round mag for my s12. please anyone going who can help me out and sale one to me? thanks Grimus
  9. is anyone is going to knob creek the fullauto show in ky this weekend? i'm looking to buy a 10 round mag for my saiga12. pm me your phone # and i'll buy it from you there at the show. thanks Grimus
  10. he don't have any in stock it will be 2 or 3 weeks. i'd just like to buy one off someone on the list.
  11. wanting to buy a s12 shark brake door breacher from Tromix.
  12. WTB used Halo for s12 any shape with chips or nicks. PM me with price and pics. thanks! Grimus
  13. anyone!!!!!!! i'm looking to buy a older s12 if anyone has one to sale. again email me the price
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