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  1. Mine did the same thing. I ended up welding a small "foot" on the bottom of my BHO that hits the receiver when it is pushed upward. It still allows the BHO to function but stops it from going to far.
  2. Polished Bolt and Carrier, Profiled Feed Ramps, Custom BHO, Modified Safety, Auto plug, JT brake, Jt trigger guard, Jt magwell, Jt extended mag release (geeze i sound like a JT poster child haha), CAA Stock Adapter, Magpul CTR Stock and grip.
  3. Here's the flyer that was emailed out Should be a good gear as we secured some dates: Sat,May 5th Sat,June 2nd Sat,July 7th Sat,August 4th Sat,September 1st This year we will have 2 stages of fun each match,as we also secured 2 bays for those dates. Should be able to run 2 squads and allows everyone to shoot twice as fast. Admission will be $10 this season, BUT with the support of it, we are able to add a lot more expendable targets,(clays,paper,props,etc) into our course design. You will be shooting from every angle you can think of,and be able to try your hand at some new
  4. Haha, small world. It ended up being crappy shells. The stupid things were mushroomed on the ends. I ended up falling for the jte. So I hear your getting an akdal?!
  5. Just got back from the range, I'd say the magwell was a success. i fitted two promags and two sgm mags. I was able to load both with ease and my bolt isn't polished.
  6. The magazines definitely fit easier! i finished mine yesterday. be patient when fitting it to the reciever. i got excited and broke the tap that came in the kit, which probably added another hour to the process. i'm still trying to work out the feeding issues though...
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