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  1. Feed your Saiga with some brass cased PPU or Fiochi, and see it tighten up a bit more..
  2. Snagged one yesterday at a good price. Glad I did. Have a Yugo N Pap and a Saiga 5.45 already, like the Saiga a lot better. Time to petition Congress on that it hurts some of our small businesses worse than it will hurt the Russians.
  3. Unless enough pressure is put upon the BATF to approve the Form 6 request they have decided not to honor, it will be. Funny thing is, 7N6 has a steel AND lead core, thereby not making it AP, as far as my interpretation goes. I was going to pull a bullet this weekend and confirm that.
  4. I have the best luck with Golden Tiger (SGAmmo sells it) and 7N6. Hornady was decent too, just not cheap, and no better groups than 7N6.
  5. My Saiga 5.45 likes Golden Tiger and 7N6 the best. My best group is about 2" @100. I havent seen any brass cased 5.45. I have read you can make .222 remington brass into 5.45. Good to see another Nebraska guy on here...lol..
  6. For SHTF medicine, check out Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy on the Doom and Bloom podcast. They also have a few books out. There are several books on surviving, James Rawles is a noted contributor to this theme. Also, a defense contractor named Joe Nobody has written a couple of books (Holding Your Own), and The Homeschooled Shootist. Google is your friend here. Mainly you need a plan to get out of dodge (g.o.o.d.) to a less populated area if you can. Study the Balkan wars and the problems Argentina had (guess Argentina had huge deficits, started printing more and more money..you know, stuff th
  7. Go to a pet store. Get fish phlox. I believe they are cipro and amoxicillian, and no scrip necessary.
  8. Golden Tiger (Vympel) is producing it now...SGAmmo has a listing for 1000rds/$249 non corrosive..I could get to like that..
  9. In a firefight, I would expect you to be at 100yd and less ranges, were the iron sights (peep sights on my SKS work fantastic at this range) or a red dot are advantageous. Out at 300yds, there aren't too many prosecuting attorneys who would consider that range "self defense". Not saying you would never get in that situation, but it has to be a consideration. Look up Masaad Ayoob, he runs the MAG40 events, and he is a self defense expert witness in home defense cases. He gets interviewed quite a bit, he was on the Survival Podcast about 2 months ago, and talked about things you need to do
  10. Thanks again Brian for the great work. Installed and shooting the next day. Would have been the same day if I had remembered to grab some paint..lol. Anyway, I think I could see myself in the polish work on the hammer. Thanks again!
  11. If you ever watched "Lost", just remember you have to push that button in every 11 hours or so so an airliner doesn't fall out of the sky. Just saying...
  12. The ProMags are working and feeding well. I noticed they dont have the relief in the left feed lip that a Circle 10 or a Tapco does. Well, they do now on mine..lol. But for the money, saves wear and tear...
  13. I used a Dinzag FCG, works great. I haven't bought any of the TWS stuff yet. I like the idea of peep sights.
  14. Did a credit card purchase...why?
  15. ammoman.com has some in stock, $250/1080 or $432/2160. Free shipping.
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