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  1. just ordered a 10 mag and a free koosie with 5% off!! thanks MAA and saiga forums!
  2. thopkins

    need help around oakland, oregon

    good to know, i got the carrier and bolt polished and rails smoothed out, not sure if its gonna cycle the light stuff or not. waiting for a nice day to try it out, would be sweet to get together lay some rounds out and bs.
  3. is 75 the lowest u would take for chokes?
  4. could anyone tell me where i can buy the ak style setup (handguard and buttstock) for the saiga 12. and also will this stuff (http://store.carolin...K47-WOOD/Detail) fit on a saiga 12 no problem? thanks, tony
  5. thopkins

    need help around oakland, oregon

    hey right on, i guess ill try to get a dremel. it also looks like 2 of the 3 holes are slightly covered but i still can poke with paperclip. be awesome to go shooting if i can get this thing to work right thanks for the info
  6. thopkins

    need help around oakland, oregon

    ive shot about 500+ heavy loads, what whould i need to polish the bolt? i don't have a drimmel, is there other ways to polish?, what would it cost to get everyhting polished? thanks for your time guys
  7. thopkins

    need help around oakland, oregon

    thanks for the info
  8. thopkins

    need help around oakland, oregon

    im having trouble getting my s-12 to cycle low brass. i bought the tac plug and still nothing. talking to the ppl in the chat i need the ports bigger. i don't know much about these guns, so would like some help thanks. if anyone in the area can help, please post some ideas