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  1. I am working on my new 7.62 right now. I picked up an ATI strikeforce package. It should have taken one day... Murphy showed up. I did a lot of research and ATI includes the pistol nut and screw.... The nut was made of plastic and was not even close to matching the nut. $7.00 part.. Shipping $9. Looking to find better deals. The Tapco trigger set I ordered came, unfortunatly it is missing the sleeve and disconector spring.... Waiting reply from vender. What ever you do, just plan on MURPHY showing up. Take your time. When you get frestrated, step away for a while. Today I think I will go to H
  2. I do not like bipods that attach to the barrel. I do like having one that is useable though. A while ago my son gave me a forgrip from his airsoft to try on the 223. inside the grip is a bypod that springs out. I have been using it on thee 223 and I love it. It works well as a bypod and as a forgrip. I will probably pick another one up. I did find the ati kit for a good price. I was looking for tan, but ended up with black. My wife just laughed, " You are just going to camo paint it anyway". She is most likely right. Americans have the best camo uniforms in the world.... and then they stand in
  3. I have the 39. I was looking around and found one at a dealer that he got from an estate. It is a1999 model that doesn't look like it was ever fired. $350 and it went home with me. I could not find any around and looking on line that looked like a fair price. I am actually planning on using the rifle for pronghorn hunting. I did not realize that the bolt hold open was a latter thing since this rifle does not have it.
  4. This is what my 223 looks like. I will be adding a brake soon since it jumps pretty hard. Why did I go this way? It was very cheap at the time. I am not against going traditional, I just want to look at all the options. I am also not to sure on what furniture will be good since it is a 20 inch barrel.
  5. Ok, started getting in the parts to do a conversion of my new (1999 model) 7.62 saiga. I have a 223 or rather I had a223. My wife went shooting with me and well... she informed me I can borrow it for small game hunting, but I need to get the new rifle. Anyway, I ordered an Advanced Technology Strikeforce Stock Desert Tan Butt Pad Side Folder Stock, Pistol Grip, Forend AK A.2.20.1225. with the 20 inch barrel I wanted somthing I could fold so storage would be a bit easier. Well it has been on backorder for over 2 weeks. I am not sure I want to wait anymore. what other good stock sets are out the
  6. Well I finally squeezed the trigger and picked up a 7.62 x39 Saiga. I have a 223 converted many moons ago. I absolutely love the rifle. Unfortunately so does the wife….. Needless to say I need to find a replacement for me. I originally picked up the rifle to hunt coyotes. Since she does not hunt, I will still be able to use it for this. But now I need a primary weapon for me. And since I am looking at hunting Pronghorn this year I thought I would give the 7.62 a try. I picked up a new/ used Saiga with the 20 inch barrel for $350. The documents that came with the rifle are dated 99. I noticed
  7. Hello every one, I have not posted fro a long time. I guess I have been using time shooting and hunting instead of on the computer. I have a Saiga 223. This is a bad thing…. My wife went to the range and started to shoot it… now I need to find a new Saiga. I am thinking about going with a 7.62 this time. My 223 has a scope (my eyes are getting bad) and I shoot a consistent 1-2 MOA supported and it shoots very well off hand as well. I have been nailing the 400 yard gong consistently. I am starting to get the supplies together for reloading. I picked up a brass catcher, but the thing gets ca
  8. I have been inactive for a while due to not having a place to shoot. I finally will have a place to shoot in the near future. The other day I received this email. I looked it up on the net and it looks legit. Guess wht our Government is trying to pass now? Gee this looks like Russia won the cold war after all. Are you ready for the House Bill > titled 'HR 45, Blair Holt Licensing and Record Act of > 2009'. It will make it illegal to own a firearm unless > it is registered with the database in Washington D.C. As a > gun owner you will have to be finger printed, you will be
  9. If You look at other types of scopes, you might look at the Leapards scopes. I think I got mine from Cheaper than Dirt. Nothing really fancy about the scope just a simple 4x but I wanted the mildot and it comes on many of the models offered. I have heard that some of the scopes are bad, but the company has a lifetime warenty. I think I got mine for $30. You can get a 3-9x 40 for about $60 if you want to go really big. I did not need that since I set mine up to shoot coyotes at about 200 yards. Just my 2 cents worth. Good luck. Happy shooting.
  10. I picked up a Chocote on ebay for $25 (I think). I had to modify it but I love it. Ebay does not allow gun stuff any more, but l;ook at the web.
  11. I sure hope so. Otherwise I have been mentally tearing paper at 25,50,and 100 yards.
  12. Has anyone tried these to see how well they work? I am thinking of reloading and I really need a way to locate all of the brass since my 223 launches the brass to the moon! When I shoot the steel green cased wolf I find one out of every 7 cases. If I do not reload, I find this bad form since we should clean an area after shooting. http://cgi.ebay.com/Universal-Brass-Shell-...1QQcmdZViewItem I am interested because it looks like it would interfear with the bolt assembly slidding back and forth.
  13. I Thought that I had posted here a long time ago, but I had not. Sorry. This is my baby. I picked up the stock off of ebay, I believe it was a Choate for a milled reciever. I modified it to fit the rifle. The mags are Gallil 35 rounders and the original Saiga. The vest is actually military issue from when I was in the service. I had made it as part of a Gilly so I had to keep it. The mag pouches were to small so I removed them and made some from BDU's. Sorry about the bad pictures, but the camera dies and I had to take these from the web cam (Which is also about to die). Good shooting.
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