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  1. Kylsix

    Bird shot for home defence video

    As a technical forum, I hope you understand that I am not trying to be condescending or insulting, but neither of those statements are technically accurate. When an animal jumps after being shot, or a jogger falls after being shot, it is due to involuntary reaction from being shot. The target moves some or fall down, absolutely, but flying backwards, flipping over, popping up in the air is not due to the physical impact of the round, but due to the reaction of being shot. There are numerous police and military reports on the topic, even some video of law enforcement shooting a dummy on roller skates to see how far it would roll back. This can be easily recreated by shooting a hanging 14", or larger, half-inch thick steel target, and watching how much it moves. Because the target is hanging there is very little resistance to movement aside from the weight of the object, which is generally well under the weight of a human, therefore it can easily show how little force is applied to the target, especially in the case of shotgun ammunition. Shotgun ammunition is subsonic, except for very specific ammunition types, therefore travels very slow, and due to either the low mass or lesser force applied to the larger projectiles, loses momentum at a very high rate. If you were to take a poor stance, basically standing straight up, not bracing for the recoil, it would still not even come close to knocking you over. It might cause you to stutter backwards, but that is easily compensated for with minor foot movement. The force you feel then is more than the target would feel.
  2. Kylsix

    Bird shot for home defence video

    There are always things to consider when choosing a home defense load. One thing to consider when choosing a shotgun as your HD weapon is what are potential assailants likely to be wearing? In the warmer climates, loose fitting clothes will be common, though at night they may still wear a light weight jacket for protection or to hide their identity. In colder climates, they will have heavier clothing to keep warm. Both of those types of clothing present significant problems to bird shot. Loose clothing greatly decelerates the shot because the loose fitting clothes will be pushed by the shot as opposed to going through it, greatly decelerating the shot, T-shirts being a general exception to this rule because they are so loosely sewn. Cold weather clothing is generally thick and has multiple layers, causing the same problem with loose clothes on the outer layers, and just plain having more material to penetrate before even getting to the surface of the skin. Next is "stopping power". I'm not a fan of that term, as your target can only feel as much force as you feel as recoil when you pull the trigger. Therefore, more trauma translates to more "stopping power". Birdshot causes very little trauma to humans. I remember shooting a Coyote from 20' with bird shot in its head from the front, it jumped and started to run, so I shot again, and when it was down I had to shoot it once more from point blank to end its suffering. If it took that much to kill a coyote from a 20" turkey gun with #6 shot, I can't imagine a human taking any less. The heavier the shot is, the better the retained energy is, thus more trauma is caused. If you are in a situation where gunplay is even an option, there is nothing else but reducing the threat to you or your family's lives. Being able to reduce a threat as fast as possible without allowing them to react or take retaliatory action is of utmost importance. In any home defense scenario that you are using a shotgun as your primary HD weapon, I would strongly advise going with nothing less than #4 shot.
  3. Kylsix

    S12 range report and problem

    I always thought that bend was there for a reason!
  4. Kylsix

    UGH! So, I bought an 8 round Surefire mag ....

    I ran some 3" 00 Federal Vital-Shok through my Saiga the other weekend. First round I got clocked in the nose by the nob on my ATI folder/collapsible because I wasn't ready for it, I have since decided to change that out for just a flat folder. I can handle the ammo just fine, but it's not something to shoot all day, and the Hornady Critical Defense 2 3/4" has just as good penetration. On that note, though, I did have some issues with 2 3/4" rounds feeding from the Izzy 5rd magazines, the last round would almost always push up into the top of the chamber, wedging the round between the bolt and the top of the chamber. I didn't have that problem with my Promag drum. Anyone else have that problem or have any suggestions?
  5. Kylsix

    S12 range report and problem

    It doesn't look like the mag release has a full purchase on the lip of the magazine, my magazine latch about touches the back of the magazine. I have never had this problem, and I may be wrong, but you might want to file off about 1/8th an inch off of a cheapo magazine and see if that fixes the problem.
  6. Kylsix

    Russian Saiga American Parts

    Welcome aboard. I'm glad you found a "true Russian made version", because, you know, well, you know.
  7. Kylsix

    Just finished my conversion, check it out

    Shooting from the hip like a boss.
  8. Kylsix

    FCG pros and cons

    The safety on AK style receivers also doubles as a dust cover, also another reason I wouldn't use it as a BHO (unless your only shooting option is a range that doesn't let you use spent cartridge to keep the bolt from closing). Dust isn't a huge deal, but small rocks or other debris getting in there while trudging through the bush can start to cause problems if that isn't there. I do agree that the safety on AK style weapons isn't ideal, especially for hunting and tactical situations where you want that safety off coming up, but back on going down, but don't want to move your hand away from the trigger. If you have tactical use in mind for the Saiga, fitting an 870 safety might be a good idea. I have NO idea how that would be done, but if you find a way, I would be interested as hell in seeing it.
  9. Kylsix

    FCG pros and cons

    You can move up the FCG when you convert and you won't have any problems. The Tapco G2 FCG is designed for AK style receivers without a BHO, so the right sight of the hammer's base needs to have about an eighth of an inch, maybe more removed and polished (where the pin goes through and the hammer rotates on, I can't remember the name of that specific part). If you buy the FCG from Tromix, that is already done, along with polishing. The OEM hammer spring works fine, and is already fitted for the S12's BHO. I had to modify the spring I bought so it wouldn't be pushed off the trigger by the BHO. Nothing is WRONG with the OEM FCG, the only benefits to buying different parts is 922R compliance, preference, and smoother function. There was a huge difference the OEM FCG and Tromix's Tapco G2 FCG (*EDIT: I had the new spring with the Tapco G2 FCG as well, which was a game changer), but I did not polish the OEM FCG at all, so that may have been the issue. I don't have the tools to do the work and, quite frankly, it was easier for me just to buy the Tromix FCG.
  10. Kylsix

    AR15 and S12 together forever

    That rail on the top can be removed, it's just attacked by screws through the M1913 rail on the upper receiver and the top of the handguard. Your upper receiver is a flat top and your quad rail handguard is on the A2 style delta ring. The top rail you have just connects the two, giving you a monolithic option that is much higher off the bore, which is much less accurate and will cause issues with distance markers on ACOGs, MILDOT scopes, or any other optic that has different aiming points for different ranges. If you take off that piece, you have a lot more options for iron sights and optics. Unless you prefer to have your CCO (EOTech) right above the delta ring, or really like the sight line from the higher rail, there is no reason to have it. I have shot thousands upon thousands of rounds of 5.56x45, both in the Army and as a civilian, never have I seen there be a problem with holding the weapon by the magwell. The circumstances necessary for a round to discharge before being chambered are extraordinary, and I have never personally seen it nor heard of that until I read this thread. Short of total catastrophic failure, I don't see that ever being an issue. Many military and police personnel will hold the weapon there in close quarters, because it allows you to keep a smaller and more square profile, allows greater maneuverability and allows for quick transition to a stance for more accurate fire. Some guys are just comfortable holding their weapon there. It all comes down to preference, and as someone with a lot of experience with firearms, never once has the magazine being blown out ever even been a remote concern.
  11. Kylsix

    AR15 and S12 together forever

    Take that monolithic riser off unless you plan on using an EOTech or other CCO and need higher eye relief. I would have suggested the Magpul rear peep sight over the Troy, simply because of preference, but the Troy will work fine. The basics of shooting an AR are easy, but since you jumped into a tactical AR, a lot of the traditional training most people have on their M16s goes to crap. Your sight picture and length of sight will be vastly different and less accurate than a full length M16/AR. Iron sights on shorter gas tube rifles like that one are nothing more than backup sights. I would get a good optic, a decent one can be had for the $150-$200 range, and learn to shoot with that. If you discipline yourself on those shorter iron sights, you won't maximize the potential of the rifle. On the subject of the magwell hand grip, if you like it, keep it. A lot of guys like to put their front hand there when clearing buildings or moving through other tight quarters. Ultimately, though, it depends on your preference and intended use of the rifle.
  12. Kylsix

    HK sights question?

    Those don't effect range at all. They are simply to allow for better sight picture in low-light or with eye-pro, as well as the smaller peep holes allow for a tighter sight picture, thus tighter shot groupings (accuracy). All of those are pretty irrelevant on a shotgun, even slugs and discarding sabot rounds aren't accurate enough to warrant strict zero on a shotgun, I would set it to which ever setting you like the most and adjust your front sight for that one. *EDIT: My only experience with the HK sights is on issue MP5s - I'm not sure the exact same sights are used, but HK sights are generally 4 different sized holes.
  13. Kylsix

    Edumacation 'bout red dots

    Pulling the optic closer to your eyes is a good idea. Certain sights are designed to be close, whereas others are designed to be further forward. The simple fact is, though, that if you are left eye-dominant and right handed (or vice versa), shooting a both-eyes-open optic will take a considerable amount of getting used to. I have a friend that has the same exact problem, and he had to wear an eye patch to get used to shooting right handed (The US military used to think left eye dominant folk were demons, so they forced them to shoot righty), now he is getting used to shooting lefty. You can either change shoulders or change eyes, whichever is easier for you to do.
  14. Kylsix

    Hammer Spring Too Long

    Will take some pics when I get home.
  15. Kylsix

    Hammer Spring Too Long

    I recently converted my Saiga, but I have a problem in that the hammer spring is too long. It does not rest on the trigger like it should, one arm of the spring does, but it blocks the safety from functioning, and the other arm of the spring doesn't rest on anything, but would rest on the bottom of the receiver if it were touching. This is the OEM spring, I made no changes to it, and verified several times, even had a buddy check, that the right amount of coils were in the spring and that everything is properly mounted. I am wary of modifying the spring without full knowledge of how it should look/work. Also, are there any springs that can be purchased that are already set to work on a converted Saiga? Thanks,