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  1. hello everyone. Been extremely hectic at home. Sorry to bring this thread back up, but can anyone recommend any other gun smith companies. I am considering Cadiz, but the last time I spoke with them I was told the waiting list was near a year.
  2. I greatly appreciate the feedback. I have contacted Cadiz and I will also be investigating the DIY. I will post back additional questions and/or results!
  3. Louisville, KY. Just noticed I titled thread incorrectly; my apologies.
  4. Hello everyone. I have a converted saiga 12 as shown below. the barrel has been reduced to factory length including the 6" tromix monster brake. It has an mdarms 6 position gas plug, the main spring has been slightly reduced, and the bolt has been polished. It currently shoots high brass rounds and 00 buckshot but will not cycle low brass. I am interested in potentially sending it out to a known saiga 12 vendor to get it working correctly, or attempt to work with my local gun shop to work on it further. I believe it currently has 4 ports at .072". Can you suggest a saiga 12 gunsmith
  5. I recently sold my tromix mini monster and would like to upgrade to one of these. Looking for advantages/disadvantages to each. I know the monster is known for good recoil reduction. So far I see that the monster is almost twice as heavy. I am going to cut the barrel down and permanently attach the muzzle brake to 18.5", so my next concern is flash and blow back. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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