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  1. Its time for me to let my Saiga 12 go. Like everyone, money is tight and I need to pay off some bills. This is a converted Saiga 12. Here is the modification list: 1. Factory stock removed 2. Trigger group moved forward and replaced with G2 trigger group 3. Installed Tromix D-I-Y trigger guard and SAW pistol grip 4. Factory tang removed and internal ACE receiver block installed 5. Gas block removed and 4 gas ports opened to 5/64ths, retaining factory angle 6. Gas port aperture adjusted making all 4 ports visible 7. Smoothed rails that the bolt carrier travels on 8. Replaced fac
  2. BTT. All outstanding grips have been shipped, slight delay due to a virus. I have a few more, last call before I cross post.
  3. As the title describes, I am selling my NEW IN BOX Titan Quad Rail + HK Sites. I've decided to stick with my 030, so my other 12 is going to be sold. Therefore, no reason to install the quad rail if I'm going to sell it anyways. What you get is an unused Titan Quad Rail + HK sites. The pictures show the quad rail on the gun, however, it is just placed there for visuals and is not actually installed nor modified in any way. Note: The sites will be arriving any day, and I will forward them to you. They shipped me the quad rail without the sites and assured me, 2 weeks ago, that they w
  4. If they are knock-offs, they are the finest I've seen. They have factory markings (see pictures) and are 100% identical to the grip I bought months ago. These are 100% Russian. I can take additional pictures if you are looking to examine a certain aspect.
  5. About a week ago I posted a WTS for 4 of these. This is a new thread to account for me mislabeling them as "smaller," or "rifle only" grips. In fact, they are standard factory S12 grips. Izzy grips for sale. Asking $40 SHIPPED. 5% discount for 2 or more. I raised the price from $30 because it costs me a little more to get these than the last time. Please don't complain, $40 is a great price. I have about 12 of them without buyers, first come first served. Send me a PM and I'll give you a positive confirmation that I have grips for you. Paypal is OK. Discrete, or +3%. M.O. ok
  6. I'll try to have a few more by Monday/Tuesday. I'll PM you if I do.
  7. For sale, four (4) factory izzy grips. They are for saiga rifles. (Not for saiga 12 unless you like the smaller grip) I WAS INCORRECT ABOUT THE GRIP SIZE. They are Standard S12 ERGO grips. Please see side-by-side photos with my other S12 grip (its the slightly more "worn" looking one) Asking $30 shipped. Sold out quickly! I may have a few more for Monday/Tuesday. IM me and its first come first served then. (If you already IM'd me you are already first in line) Paypal accepted, its gift or 4% though. MO accepted. PM me.
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