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  1. I know allied forces dropped 22 pot metal pistols. Shoot a German in the head, take his gun, step on the 22 making it inoperative
  2. Doesnt seem terribly reliable for a pump action
  3. Does the shorter rod limit you to 2.75" rds only?
  4. This would be the perfect atmosphere for a feuding neighbor to drop an anonymous tip to the cops, it wouldn't take any facts for the police to kick down your door.
  5. I was talking to an old timer who went through the worst of the dust bowl, told me how a hawk came down and landed on one of the last layers they had. I said "that must have been pretty bad". He said "nah, we ate pretty good for a week, cant even tell the difference between hawk and chicken in a good soup"
  6. 45-70 is a fun 100yd round but sucks ballistically past 150 yds. The pressure your getting in your lever gun wont be as good as you can get out of a semi probably- browings trap door is just barely rated for factory ammo. I use to shoot cowboy action with my marlin and it was a blast but you need a sextant for ranged shooting. Barnes bullets do compensate for a lot !
  7. I picked up some .308 Prvi partizan from a tip on here about a month ago pretty cheap, surprised it shot a quarter group at 100yds
  8. I meant the salem ones, but thanks for your response.
  9. Since this handguard uses a shorter rod are you limited to 2&3/4 rds like some of the other short handguards?
  10. I had this come up, they wouldnt let me pick the gun up til the ticket was cleared, I was a "fugitive from justice” until the ticket was paid (which I didnt know I had). They dont have to even let you have the gun, so your lucky its just being delayed. FYI theres a good chance your DMV can and will eventually suspend your liscense in WI if the tickets arent paid
  11. Under 100lbs and their still decent eating, some 80 pounders are perfect for the smoker. Much bigger than that and they get gamey, I've known guys to catch the piglets and feed them out, cant tell the meat from domestic
  12. Anyone have a lead on where to buy bulk slugs, picked up a couple ammo boxes of federal buckshot for 60 cents a rd. Cant find a good deal on slugs though, seems like its a buck a rd no matter how many your willing to buy Ps. Cal ranch had the 175rd cans by me (pocatello id)
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